Shown: “Eye and Pin at the Office” is one of the photographs that I took in 2011, while surviving as a transplant in Oakland, CA.
I am pleased to announce that my original “Pin and Eye” photographs will be featured all summer long at the one-of-a-kind Children’s Museum of Phoenix! This is my first-ever exhibition of this photographic series. 6 pieces have been selected to be placed in the “Pit Stop” area of the museum, and I am also donating a special piece for their front lobby… let’s just say this is all going to be #adorable. I will confirm details of the dates for exhibition, and invite all of my friends to take their kids to go and see the installations. I also have a special announcement to make about this project as installation begins, at the end of May 2017.

Who Are “Pin & Eye“?

CLICK HERE to see the submission that helped secure my exhibition placement at CMoP, which includes the real story of how I literally discovered Pin and Eye (the two “little guys”). It was just a haunch that helped me to find “Pin & Eye” and it was a same sort of inclination which led me to submitting my photographs to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. I initially reached out to CMoP through a cold-call E-Mail requesting information on submission requirements. I heard back from a manager who wrote:
Thank you for expressing interest in showing your photography at the Museum. We have an Arts Committee who reviews the artwork and schedules a time for the display to be up if selected. Included with the images you wish to display, please give us a brief background about the pieces, the size, and how they would be displayed (frames, on canvas, etc.). We will be meeting early next week, and I would be happy pass the information along to the committee.
I then created a specialized visual presentation and written proposal, and returned it by E-Mail. About a week later, I heard back from the same manager who now wrote:
Thank you for your charming presentation. We are very excited about “Pin and Eye” and would be happy to include the exhibition in one of our exhibit areas. The committee fell in love with the kid-like objects, the found art aspect, and really connected with creating a story about what the two “little guys” are doing! I will follow up with you next week about size, frame, and finish once we select the wall for a display.
Now, this is not ALL of the news… I still have two BIG & SPECIAL announcements to make about my upcoming art exhibit. But, I will wait to announce this until after I meet with the manager at CMoP on May 8. This will be my first-ever art exhibit (since childhood), and in fact this was my first-ever art submission. It is true that I am beyond thrilled to become part of a small group of artists who have presented their work at Children’s Museum of Phoenix. More news and photos of the installation coming near Memorial Day 2017. You can CLICK HERE to visit the CMoP website. They are one of the top 3 museums for children in the nation.

“Pin and Eye” Post Cards Are Now On Sale In Mesa AZ @ Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery

You can see some of “Pin and Eye” on sale now at Jarrod’s cafe in Mesa AZ. I designed all elements of the sales display, except for making the glass box.