I think that Sandy Rowley is famous in Reno, Nevada. She is known for her work to change public policies surrounding pesticides and pollinator education. In her other life, she runs a successful consulting agency. Sandy operates Reno Web Design. She is an SEO, web design, and marketing expert. Her vision to work in alignment with sustainable principles that bolster the eco-systems in Reno, is completely in alignment with what tAp agency is doing.

New Marketing Alliance Formed

I am pleased to have had Sandy accept my offer, to work on my client projects with me! She is coming on-board to administer the first steps of SEO for Lulu’s Botanicals, a new cannabis-inspired raw “healthy chocolate” that’s making waves in California. Sandy is a remarkable presenter, and admittedly I am wishing we will work together on some BIG ad campaign presentations in the next while.
Sandy Rowley. Image owned by PBS.

About Lulu

Her other flagship brand, Lulu’s Chocolates, is in stores across the USA. Lulu’s Chocolate Lounge can be found off Highway 89A in Sedona, Arizona. You can stop-in there for no-guilt indulgences, including beverages, ice cream treats, and dozens of varieties of handmade chocolates. When I lived in Sedona, I stopped-in on a weekly basis.

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