News About Pin + Eye Jumbo Art Post Cards

One day in California, I found two small figurines that had been covered by time in grease and grime. I saw how they looked. One looked like a “Pin” and one looked like “Eye.” They are now featured in a series of gallery quality jumbo post cards. “Pin + Eye” jumbo Art postcards are coming to a local Mesa, AZ, gallery and cafe called Jarrod’s. While I originally packaged 5 different postcards in one pack, Jarrod wants to sell them individually. And so, I am happy to be doing business with Jarrod to spread the joy of Pin and Eye! Why postcards? I enjoy postcards! You or kids can send one to a penpal, and this is a fun all-ages activity.
Jumbo Art Postcards Featuring: Pin + Eye. Yay! I got the green light and my Pin + Eye jumbo art postcards are going to be sold on Main Street in Mesa AZ 🐝✅❤️😜🏆 more details coming soon of course.

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