Thank you for reading. Here are 3 updates to the TAP agency Collective Team structure.
  1. Recently, TAP agency Collective attended the 2017 SW Cannabis Conference & Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. I was able to successfully expand our network in several directions, and will be qualifying our new team leads this coming week. I was especially thankful to have walked the show with Mr. Andrew Young, who is repping for the invariable rockstar team at Beyond Brands collective. Our synergy no doubt attracted some new opportunities. I was happy to have attended this signature event as a guest of TAP agency Collective partner, Mr. Jesse Lopez; who is also President of Imperial Hemp Co. In a new arrangement, TAP agency Collective now officially represents Imperial Hemp Co. in their worldwide endeavors, in the areas of new product development, lead and partnership qualification, hemp additives projects, marketing and re-branding support, talent booking, and more.
  2. Next, we have welcomed Dr. Stephen Hobbs to the TAP agency Collective as a PROfound services expert. PROfound is an expert services booking agency that we are launching very soon here at TAP. What is his role? Our BNN Bees News Network, and a yet unnamed Cannabis education platform, are both projects that Stephen (as he likes to be called) has been consulting us on. Recently, I took a week in Calgary to spend intimate professional time with Stephen, in an intensive program focused on advancing these projects. There will be a blog written about our time together, soon.
  3. Other recent changes include our disassociation with UEXL Institute and, due to a disagreement in the value of the project. This was my decision based on what I saw as an ongoing lack of pre-planning, administration, and lack of institutionalized policies and protections for workers. No other information about this shift in alignment will be released.
More updates on our recent trade show success will be posted in the coming week.

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