2 New Articles Planned

Two new articles are being planned (well, 3 but one is a secret). If you know me, you know that I love to write when inspired. And WOW am I inspired so often lately?! The two articles are going to be about business owners that I admire, and have spent time in close-proximity with. I will post the articles here at TAP agency Collective website blog. The two colleagues that I am ready to write about are Penny Stadick from Blue Sky Oils (Mesa, AZ) and Dr. Stephen Hobbs (Calgary, AB). Early this October, I spent nearly a week in Calgary with Stephen (as he asks to be called). His “WELLth Movement” business offers a 48-hour intensive business planning and vision investigation workshop. In the spirit of camaraderie, Stephen worked with me, guiding the way through the planning needs for BNN Bees News Network and also another ‘still-secret’ Cannabis education project. Stephen is a gentle giant of a leader and mentor, with international aid successes and wild, wild adventures. It will be so fun to try and describe what I experienced there, and saw of him. As for Penny, I first met her as I walked into her brand-brand-brand-new essential oils shop. Penny ain’t no doTerra lady (no offense). She is a sophisticated and trained holistic practitioner who is certified in several areas. Her consultations and specialty oils blends fascinated me from the moment that I met her. Her personal story is incredible… wait until I describe how she has come to be the ONLY brick and mortar essential oils products retail shop owner in the entire Phoenix, AZ area… it involves a dream and a message from god. There’s more to the story, with so many juicy details! Her company has grown SO fast because of her helpful nature… totally inspiring. Look for these articles in the next month!

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