In October, I was introduced to Bernadette “Berni” Slowey by one of my Canadian colleagues. Berni is the Founder of Vast Universe Productions, out of Denver, Colorado. Although she is an actively involved mom of two teenage boys, she may still better be known for her award-winning film, Berni’s Journey. Her career roles include being a Director, Producer, Writer, TEDx Talk Speaker, TransMedia Entrepreneur, and Talk Show Host. Since that time we were first introduced, we have had half a dozen involved conversations about how life is going for us, and for those we love. Through our private discussions, we have found that there should be more public discussion, specifically among women ages 30-65, on a “Top 10 List” range of topics. Since neither of us have very much going on (haha!), we have recently agreed to co-plan, co-produce, and co-star in a 10-episode, multi-media, LIVE talk show series, set for filming in January 2018. What we know, is that our show topics will be merged with current events, personal insights, and guest interviews. Each thoughtfully prepared discussion path will be action process oriented, to encourage positive and fast shifts in the lives of ourselves and our viewers. We will likely meet up in Colorado to produce the work. Show details, calendar, and topics will be released within the next few weeks. So far, we have been able to narrow each of our favorite topics, from an original list of 60+ potentials. Berni and I each see personal value in exploring these topics. I will speak for myself and say that, NO DOUBT this experience will change my life for the better. You cannot help but be “better” when you are influenced by someone like Berni.

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