Thank You Chris Pendergraft

My photographic exhibition at Children’s Museum of Phoenix (CMoP) opens this weekend! Six (6) of my “Pin and Eye” photographs will be on display all Summer. I have enjoyed planning for and completing the many projects related to this opportunity. One of the marketing needs for my “Who are Pin and Eye?” exhibit was a promotional poster. This poster would be used online by CMoP, and would need to be cool. Who can an Artist turn to, when top-quality concept, design and masterful illustration are needed? His name is Chris Pendergraft.

Master Of Medium

Chris is the most productive illustrator that I know. His genius stretches beyond digital though, into the realms of painting. A few weeks back, I was pleased to see that (with my permission) he had utilized some screen shots from our conversation, and created some beautiful Art with my likeness.
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The Pin And Eye Poster Designer

It makes sense that I would have met Chris Pendergraft in a very Artsy place… the infamous Vulcan Studios in Oakland, CA. We have a mutual friend. He was visiting. We became instant friends. Recently, after about one hour’s worth of discussion about Pin and Eye, Chris said that he had some ideas. Two iterations later, and VOILA… the promotional Pin and Eye poster is completed! I am beyond satisfied with the concept and illustration… and will CONTINUE to woo Chris into working with me moving forward on the Pin and Eye legacy. Take a look for yourself? What do you think?
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