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If you are a business owner, stakeholder, or member of a company in a holistic industry, then we are here, ready, and waiting for you. We can most certainly help you to arrive. You are invited to Read More about our exciting “hybrid-style” marketing agency.

We Want You To Love Our Agency Services.

Do you need better sales and brand marketing, online ads, SEO, advertising campaigns big or small, publicity, and authorship support? By completing our simple “Hello!” form below, Alisha will respond to you and coordinate a FREE assessment meeting. If “we” are a match, then the first meeting is FREE for you. Afterwards, you will receive a custom quote from our meeting.
  1. Our New Media Services For Corporations Includes: SEO, E-Mail, Content, Customer Service / Community, Conversion (optimization), Social Marketing, PR 2.0*, Social Advertising, and Social Business. For a complete and specific list of services, pricing, and details, please CLICK HERE.
  2. Signature Traditional Brand Marketing, Advertising, and Sales: You’ll love Alisha’s style of rolling out and buttoning up your biggest projects… no matter the size of your company. The tAP agency team is talented to-the-max, and full of good surprises.
  3. More Services, More Value: La Ruche. Pro. (events concepts and production), Private DIY Wedding Planning System & Workshops, Emcees & Hostessing Booking,
  4. Custom Everything: From our proprietary intake process, to the way that details and meetings are coordinated, you will learn to expect an open forum for growth to occur. Our “style” of leadership, tasking, and production is a breath of fresh air. Some of the tools we use were developed over 10-years of client trial and error… more on this once you’ve enrolled in one of our service programs.
*  What is PR 2.0… “Connecting the many people who collaborate and share information every day in communities, demonstrating how the latest Web tools can facilitate conversations and foster relationships…” ~as expressed by Brian Solis & Deirdre Breakenridge

Our Collective Approach:

We specialize in PR & Marketing. So much so, that we’ve been asked by one of our biggest clients to “scale” and make more room for bigger projects! Our capabilities far exceed the standards set by the current “holistic industries” mindset. As an agency, we are the legitimate product of community service and passionate professionals who have their own individual lives. What’s more, you’ll find that we work exclusively with clients who proffer consumers a holistic and well-meaning lifestyle. From top to bottom, we are all-about driving your company start-up, brand name marketing, product (re)launches, offline events, and more.

Our Guarantees:

  • We are believers in stretching our imaginations, while staying grounded and practical in our assessments and planning.
  • Your budget is our budget, and we will do our job RIGHT the first time, most of the time.
  • You’ll appreciate our team philosophy, and our diverse collective network of industry professionals.
  • Working with us is a guaranteed way to clarify your brand message.
  • We will help you to perform in the marketplaces that will bring you success.
  • Our reporting processes, analysis, interviewing, and critical thinking, only pales in comparison to the team members in our agency who make it all happen.
  • We are People First, because that makes us all so happy, and much better professionals…
  • Progress Guaranteed, or money back.

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