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If I seem to “have a lot going on” it is because that is true. Part of my joy in everyday living comes from my creative habits. I always have a list of joys waiting in the background because I am constantly in-process on creative projects. There is no stopping me with this whole “self-publishing” reality that I have stepped into. Many of the projects that have been running in the background of my life, are finally coming to fruition. The timing is right, because I am more experienced and better-equipped to handle the challenges which often are present during projects and production. Words words words, here are the top headlines from my everyday life, with a brief smidgen of current/future news about all my news.
  1. The Jack Stuler Foundation recently launched. This was a 10-month planning process. We are up-and-running with wind in our sails. If you like behind the scenes info: Next steps are website revisions, awards programs planning, and naming of a new business that the Foundation will own. Jack Stuler passed in 2015, but his work is already regarded as highly collectible. If you are a fan of mid-century, black and white photography, then Jack is your man. From everything I have learned about him, Jack was THE man. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to meet him, but I certainly “feel” him while I work with his daughter Sabina Kelly-Allen on this project. #artmatters #jackstulerfoundation #supportartists
  2. Speaking of photography, I am pleased to announced that my “Pin and Eye” photographic series is going to become more well-known. I currently have 5 selected prints from a larger collection, now featured in “museum quality” jumbo art post cards, currently sold only at Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery, in Mesa, AZ. I was able to both successfully plan out and design elements for the sales display.
  3. And still, “Pin and Eye” photographs will be featured all summer long at the one-of-a-kind Children’s Museum of Phoenix! This is my first-ever exhibition of this photographic series. 6 pieces have been selected to be placed in the “Pit Stop” area of the museum, and I am also donating a special piece for their front lobby… let’s just say this is all going to be #adorable. I will confirm details of the dates for exhibition, and invite all of my friends to take their kids to go and see the installations. I also have a special announcement to make about this project as installation begins, near the end of May 2017.
  4. Something that I haven’t mentioned in a while, is the 2017 Retails Sales Catalogue for my client, Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary (Vancouver Island, BC). I had a wonderful experience working with their executive team and graphic designer/typographer through the Winter on this project. The company recently launched the new catalogue at a specialty consumer expo, and I’m told it was well-received. A printed copy of the catalogue is being sent to me, and I will be thrilled to see it in full color. The next projects I am working on with this top-choice client of mine, are related to e-book publishing and web branding. I am excited to announce that I have helped to organize, edit and co-author their upcoming e-book… more details to come.
  5. Speaking of books, my debut self-help title The First 5 Project Planning Lessons will be ready for release in early May! This project has taken me two years to complete, and is a labor of love because I will be giving it away for free to all adults and mature teens. You can learn all about this project by looking at my blog. Other (working) titles upcoming for this year include: Book of Real Prayers and Dreams Made Manifest (workbook manual), a second Haiku book, and a ‘personal-narratives-meets-journal-entries’ manuscript called Gate Codes. That’s not all… haha… you can click into my full product catalogue page to see everything that I have announced and in-the-works.
  6. It has been 9-months since I was last interviewed about bees. The last time was in Colorado. If you did not know, my nickname, Alisha Bee, comes from my passion for community bees awareness and education efforts. This Thursday, April 27, I will once again be happy to talk with Lainie Sevante Quirk at Zeta Global Radio about the current plight of the bees. She is an amazing creative producer currently living in New Mexico, and her program is broadcast online all over the world. We have worked together on the radio and events since our 2013 BeesWeek project at University of New Mexico. At that time, Lainie was co-producing a huge film festival that my BeesWeek activities were a part of. If you do not know about bees, or if you want to know what’s currently happening in their world, then I hope you won’t want to miss this show. I will post a show air link when it becomes available.
  7. Recently, I learned that I had made a little money that I didn’t expect to, from referring people to BodyMind Institute’s plethora of professional instruction courses. I have been working and in contact with Lars Gustafsson, the founder of BMI, since 2013. He is actually the person who supported my early efforts to begin on my forthcoming self-help book, The First 5 Project Planning Lessons. Here’s a list of the other courses and offerings that I am hoping my new book will be listed beside.
  8. Lastly, Thank You to everyone that has kept my spirits up during the last 6 weeks post-surgery. It was at that time that I had surgery to repair a broken jaw, caused by a self-incurred accident that I had in Nevada. The reality of living with a jaw that doesn’t function perfectly, has been eye-opening. You won’t find me mincing words from now on, because I know now how important being able to speak clearly and essentially, is. The love and care that I have given to myself, coupled with the love and care incoming from many of my friends and online acquaintances, has been inspiring. It will be my pleasure to pass the same high-quality love to others. Currently, I can open my mouth, and am beginning to eat solid foods, again. But, there is still a lot of metal in my mouth. In about 2-weeks, my wired jaw journey will be coming to an end. (Pssst… of course, there’s likely a publishing announcement to be made, as I start to record and reflect on my healing experience and how it might help others going through jaw surgery recovery.) I will be thankful to continue on with my #jawjourney, as I still have other, smaller challenges to face and correct, stemming from this same accident.
Thank You for reading!

A New Community Resource For Artists

The newly inaugurated Jack Stuler Foundation (“JSF”) an Arts NPO, sets sail amidst enthusiastic crowd of 35 at Phoenix Art Museum.


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Several years ago already…

I was a contracted event designer for the Phoenix Art Museum. They were my client, and I worked with then-Marketing Director Mark Patel to design and produce all sorts of events and artful consumer experiences. Including, the First Friday’s Train Tracks Series, and the unveiling of Sui Jianguo‘sJurassic Age” sculpture, a big red dino that permanently adorns the museum’s front lawn. My recent return to the Phoenix Art Museum as part of another project was a delight!
From PAM website: “Sui Jianguo is considered one of China’s most important contemporary sculptors. His work is often seen as a symbol of China’s transition from communism to capitalism. While playful, Sui’s oversized red dinosaur also evokes the dragon symbol of imperialist China the country’s current aggressive business practices. The phrase “Made in China” embossed on the dinosaur’s stomach references China’s emergence as a contemporary economic juggernaut.” “The reason I enlarge the toys to such an enormous size is to highlight the political economic system behind them. Dinosaur toys are designed by a company in a western country, produced in China and then commercially distributed around the globe.” – Sui Jianguo

InFocus hosts JSF at Phoenix Art Museum

As you may know, since last summer I have been honored to work on a very special Arizona-based project launch called Jack Stuler Foundation (JSF). The inaugural event was held at the Phoenix Art Museum recently on April 12. We all gathered to listen to those knowledgeable, answer questions about Jack Stuler’s life and words. The event was presented by Members of the InFocus photography group. Among them were also Jack Stuler art fans, his students, and his colleagues. As any who attended might agree, the newly launched Jack Stuler Foundation is truly an organization that Jack Stuler, the professor, master photographer, and friend, would be proud of.
  • Jack Stuler’s daughter, Sabina Kelly-Allen, was present and also acting as Emcee. She inherited her father’s priceless mid-century black and white (and some color!) photographic collection. The collection includes rare prints, framed prints, thousands of images, books, and equipment. Sabina decided to kick start the event’s energy, by raffling off 3 rare b/w photographs.*
  • Throughout the 1.5 hour event, a crowd of 35+ people sat in folded chairs in a semi-darkened room for a voice and image lecture entitled, ‘The Final Picture.’ Sabina, and two others, Marilyn M. Hayes and Neil Miller, each spent 15-25 minutes going over various aspects of the delightful story of Jack Stuler’s person, Artworks, and life work as a father and university photography professor.
  • Anyone looking at the slides presented during the various lectures, was likely in visual heaven. Placed beside photographs of Jack Stuler’s otherworldly natural images, were snapshots in time of Jack at play, with family, in the school office, and of course in the act of being a class act. From all the photos one might see that Jack Stuler has AMAZING style. (Timeless even, I would say. Just ask any of his supporters!)
  • Before the event officially started, I was standing in the general area, and there was an exciting raffle energy building. About 1/3 of guests in attendance for the lecture event purchased raffle tickets.
Being from Arizona, and knowing that Sabina grew up here, too, makes Jack Stuler’s life in Arizona seem more spiritually in alignment, and real to me, than I would have imagined or known to prepare for. I am in love with the opportunity to execute much of the planning and art direction and copywriting work, and to help guide Sabina with the entire project of what is now the Jack Stuler Foundation. As a founding member, and as her cohort behind the scenes, I have taken seriously my need to gain an understanding of what’s on the table, and what’s at stake!
  • The Jack Stuler Foundation’s mission is simple: put cash into the hands of struggling local artists. Jack himself complained incessantly about how the state university he worked at (and graduated from) was too damned expensive. He saw that people with talent were being rejected from art as a lifestyle and career, because they would not find the money to attend art school at the university.
  • And now, Sabina, in true relay fashion, picks-up the baton of community enlightenment that her father Jack carried. The tradition of keeping the arts in our communities, by educating the talent in our own communities, is a lost local business art that JSF has committed to helping revive and support! The people doing art business should take care of the people doing art. Our organization will accomplish this. Our future prospects to spread the JSF message and financial program awards are filled with full potential.

JSF Director recently announces plans to quickly expand operations by operating a forthcoming downtown Phoenix photographic printing lab!

More details are coming soon on this exciting business start-up news! JSF will own and operate a newly-formed photographic printing lab, set to open in the midst of Downtown Phoenix Arts culture, perhaps sometime this Summer or early Fall. I have been listening with AWE to the details that Sabina is sharing with me about this new business, which will fund the JSF operations and awards budgets. This brilliant move has so many unique benefits, that I will be thrilled to share more information, as soon as details are set into place.
  • As the mouthpiece of JSF, putting her money where her mouth is, Sabina is acting as a courageous and SMART leader. I am proud of her for getting through the last 10-months which have been filled with the fullness of newness, emotionalism, and endless lists of details and tasking that have been requiring her full energy and attention.
  • The JSF is not Sabina’s full time job yet, it is a second full-time job, in addition to her also running a popular Airbnb bungalow, and being a wife and mother.
*I was thrilled to pull the winners from the ticket bowl. Each of the prints was “Untitled” though different. (Jack Stuler rarely named his works.) Sabina’s young adult daughter, Skye’s blue hair was a hit! She sold most of the raffle tickets! So when she asked to take photos of the raffle winners (at my asking please!), everyone seemed to be at-ease and happy.

Winners of the original artworks raffle ($300/value of each of 3 pieces):

  • Winner Jim Kelly
  • Winner Marilyn Tickna
  • Winner Linda Ballinger (She and Jim flew in for the event. Jim was Director at Phoenix Art Museum before retiring a few years ago. They and their children have original Jack Stuler pieces in their own collections. It was a fun to see them win!)

Quotes from the event!

“I’m so happy to see that so many people came to this event. I see students of Jack’s, colleagues, and friends.” Sabina Kelly-Allen, JSF Event Lecturer “Jack didn’t care about what religion meant. Or what you thought of it. He cared about love for life and the natural world that he would spend so much time with appreciating.” Marilyn M. Hayes, JSF Event Lecturer “I think Jack tolerated me. As my teacher, he was not a portrait photographer. I was. I think he would see me, my work, and then comment on it as a helpful professional. He was very easy to be around.” Neil Miller, JSF Event Lecturer

Fall memories

I have gathered some nice memories and storied images from behind the scenes of the last several months of pre-planning for the official JSF launch!

New Marketing Materials & Website changes planned!

The current JSF website is going to be getting a facelift. We are switching to a better platform that is less glitchy. In the meantime, updates will be given on social media channels like the new foundation website, and by E-Mail. We are proud of our accomplishments thus far, and to celebrate JSF, we have printed some new marketing materials. One is a 16-page organizational booklet. The second marketing piece is a 6-page brochure that gives all the essential foundation points of info.
Shown L is the new 6-pg brochure. Shown R is the new 16-pg info booklet. I have been working with Sabina during the last 6 months (specifically) on organizing the content for these pieces. A fair and honorable challenge.
Currently, we are in the midst of planning our approaches. We still have some work to do in applying the most favorable conditions to the student financial awards programs. We want to approach various galleries, arts organizations, and local businesses for events, and for their donations to our organization. Specialized Art Exhibitions and auction events are also on our wish list. As the opening of the new printing lab unfolds, we will know how much our budget to accomplish the first awards is.

I <3 Local Arts Communities With All My <3

This is an exciting time in my life, in Sabina and her family’s lives, and the lives of all those who miss Jack Stuler’s kind and stylized influence, since his passing in 2015. Stay tuned for more narratives and news bulletins like this by checking in again here at theAlishaproject.com once a week or so. This is one of many projects that I support and lend direct assistance to.  

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