Song Reviews

Since creating many of the songs that appear on the my new instrumental CD, Meet Me There, I have had the opportunity to gain positive feedback. Here is some of the listener feedback from my music compositions:

Song “Unlabeled Me

  • “this one is a beauty in its own”
  • “big fan of the intro…stunning”
  • “2:12 full of Sonic bliss”
  • “Lovely piano and that drum beat is excellent.”
  • “Sounds good!! relaxing!”
  • “good sound”
  • “Love this intro sound so much! Beautiful chord structure also!”

Song “The Trail Behind”

  • “Really nice sounds Alisha. Love that guitar playing over the offbeat rhythm.”
  • “very cool style you have there”
  • “So full of flavor,…..I’m digging this big time!”

Song “Down In 74

  • “Nice atmospheres…”
  • “crazy and “elegante” at the same time”
  • “wonderful music”
  • “This Put Me In A GREAT ZoNE”
  • “lovely oriental feel with the bowls and the water sounds”

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