Brief Project & Partnership Reports

BNN Bees News Network, unstoppable good news

  • Foundational planning
  • Website artchitecture
  • Media planning
  • Production coordination
  • Content writing
  • Technical web services

Green Living Magazine (AZ), a print and online publication

  • June 2017 Issue, Published Article, “For The Love Of… Cholesterol?!”

THC Therapeutics, a publicly-traded stock #THCT

  • Early PR & Web Content Coordination
  • Content Writing
  • Strategic Brand Advisement

Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary, a local and online retail sales company

  • Creative Projects Planning
  • Themes, Conceptualization & Art Direction
  • Outside Sales Materials
  • Professional Authoring
  • Content Writing & Editing
  • Social Media Launch Planning
Current Client. From Canada. Ongoing creative projects. Co-owned by Clinical Herbalists, Yarrow Willard, and Angela Willard. I became familiar with Yarrow and Angela after having worked with Yarrow’s father and colleague, Dr. Terry Willard (Wild Rose College founder). Their business is located on an island off the West Coast. Harmonic Arts is helping to lead the region in online sales and offline events and community education. Currently in the process of growing, the executive team hired me initially to discuss a vision for updating their brand. Since then, several major planning and production projects have been completed, including the recent launch of the company and owners’ first-ever reference book, “Modern Superfood Nutrients“. While the company continues to expand their marketing department and online marketing capabilities, Alisha is current working to complete analysis on currently running programs and offerings related to the website and customer service. Soon, we will complete the Heart Mind & Brand exercise in order to further simplify the company’s brand marketing story.

Asheya Accommodations, a local real estate services company

  • Re-Branding & Brand Planning
  • Website Architecture
  • Web Content Structuring
  • Content Writing
  • On-site Media Production
  • Referrals For Web Services Providers
Recent Client From Canada. One-Time Project. I was introduced to Asheya by a former love interest. Asheya Accommodations is unique in the hybrid-styled real estate services they provide. The real estate industry in Asheya’s area is bloated. Over-priced real estate is the norm, and housing is hard to find. Asheya’s desire was to scale her business to attract clients who own real estate. I immediately offered Asheya my Heart Mind & Brand brand marketing exercise worksheets. From her beginnings as an owner/operator, Asheya has already began to scale her operations. My role was to guide her through the online business scaling process. I was happy to be of assistance on-site with Asheya, for several weeks. In that time we completed (in one swoop!) all of the planning and production necessary to launch.

FanGhan LLC, a start-up local home accessories company

  • Website Structuring
  • Copywriting
  • Process Coordination

Native 303, a local, organic cotton, apparel company

  • Competitive Research
  • Online Brand Marketing Analysis
  • Process Coordination

Jack Stuler Foundation, a start-up non-profit local arts organization

  • Onsite Administration & General Planning
  • Organizational Structuring
  • Presentation Conceptualization
  • Content Writing & Editing
  • Offline Event Organization
  • Volunteering
Current Associate. From Arizona. A newly formed non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the photographic legacy and genius of Jack Stuler. I was first introduced to Sabina’s husband. They were my neighbors. Jack Stuler passed away in 2015, and Sabina was left in charge of his massive photographic Art collections. Her immediate needs were organizing a general business plan, and weighing options for ensuring efficient operations. I immediately employed Heart Mind & Brand. From my analysis of her answers, we were able to generate an energetic picture that helped Sabina to organize her own thoughts and plans. I was also able to assist an appraiser in cataloguing the giant collection. (Took 5 days.) Finally, in April 2017, after 10 months of planning, I was able to help Sabina plan for and launch the Jack Stuler Foundation inside of Phoenix Art Museum, during a special presentation about Jack Stuler and his mid-century photographic works.

Wayfaers Harth, a local GF bread maker

  • Photography

UEXL Platform, the world’s most advanced education and social learning system

  • Joint Venture Partnership
  • Alisha is an on-boarding Faculty Member
  • Re-Branding & Brand Planning
  • Website Architecture
  • Web Content Structuring
  • Content Writing
  • Other Technical Assistance