45 Minutes Video Coaching or Consultation with Alisha Forrester Scott


What will you do with 45-minutes of full professional sales, brand marketing, and/or business development support with Alisha Bee? Does not include reports or follow-up call. If you are a busy professional who desires confidential advisement on business topics of your choosing, then this is the session you should try. You’ll love it. As a special “Thank You!” your second session is $15 off the regular price. Alisha looks forward to guiding you forward and answering your questions, with the intention to accelerate your progress and to find solutions.


Book a business consultation or coaching session with your guide, Alisha Forrester Scott, of TAP agency Collective. Includes 45-minutes hour of professional discussions by video chat or telephone (your choice), and e-mail with “homework” suggestions for your next steps. Your purchase also includes a coaching session that is designed for you to ask and discuss anything business, project, or career related. Also, if you run out of things to ask or discuss, then Alisha will take the lead and get you to the next step. Your cost includes post-call report and suggestions for moving forward.


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