Meet Me There soothing instrumental album

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You are purchasing a limited edition signed CD of Alisha Forrester Scott’s new instrumental album, “Meet Me There.” Your purchase comes complete with recycled jewel case, and featuring limited edition (1/100) signed cover Art. This is a New Album by Alisha Bee featuring original music… 9 songs. 22 minutes… Instrumental, Rhythmic, Inventive, and Soothing. Thank You for your listenership and support!

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Published 2017 (c) By: Alisha The Explorer Released April 4, 2017

Album Title: Meet Me There

Genre: Instrumental (Rhythmic)

Purchase Note: All hard copy CD orders are considered to be “limited edition” until 100 copies are produced. Each order includes a recycled jewel case with printed cover art that is signed and numbered.

This is a self-published album. All compositions by Alisha Forrester Scott. All production by Alisha Forrester Scott. All mixing by Alisha Forrester Scott. Album Artwork by Alisha Forrester Scott.

Welcome and congratulations for your interest. My nicknames are Alisha Bee and Alisha The Explorer. Since some years back, I have loved creating experimental music. I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. And now, to celebrate my love for composing original music, I am going to cross an item off my bucket list!I am releasing my first official instrumental album called, “Meet Me There.” Each of 9 tracks is original and self-produced. The sounds you’ll hear are meant to provide soothing enjoyment. This experimental album is full of playful life. (And is somewhat sexy, too.) Your musical adventure awaits… I wonder, which songs will you like most?

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