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After a 2-month sprint to ready our Comfort Clip Pack samples, I am pleased to share that we have succeeded in our attempt! Recently, I picked-up the outer packaging labels, and they were affixed to the resealable product bags. Next, our oil blend formulator, Penny Stadick of Blue Sky Oils, hand-assembled the packages. These sample packages were carefully considered, with about 90 of my hours put into the process to get it “this far.” The product was at-first going to be handled by TAP agency Collective. However, there were some considerations to the business structure that required a separate LLC. My new company, TAP Med Pro, will be handling the go-to-market details and Comfort Clip Pack distribution. About 20 samples of the product’s earlier prototype were distributed privately in Arizona, in order to gather initial comments and feedback. It is amazing (to me) how directly the feedback we have received has shaped this product in ways I did not expect. Especially, I thank everyone on our partnership team for using the product on a daily basis. If you were to ask me 😉 there’s no stopping us now. Especially since we are teamed up with the patent-(pending)-holder of the nose clip hardware, and have an exclusive non-compete arrangement with Penny. I am the luckiest person alive to work with such loving partners. They have been “game” to get this new product to market ASAP. Samples are immediately headed to Massachusetts, Texas, and Colorado. Okay… so what exactly IS Comfort Clip Pack? It’s still kind of a secret. But, product information sheets will be publicly available within the next 2-weeks. Direct in-house sales efforts to reach hospitals, medical centers, doctors offices, yoga studios, and more, are already underway. Public sales are slated to begin February 1, 2018. Thank You for your interest in this story.

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