Portfolio Snippets

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Radio Interview: How are Earth’s bees doing? http://thealishaproject.com/bees-interview

“More than ever, bees matter to our own survival. Thank You to Lainie and Howard Wulkan at Zeta Global Radio for their continued support of bees education!”

 Museum Art Show: “Who are Pin and Eye?” CLICK HERE to Like the FB page and see images

“I was honored to share my work with many children and their caretakers in a first-of-its-kind photography Art exhibit at Children’s Museum of Phoenix.”

 Co-authored Reference E-book: Modern Superfood Nutrients https://harmonicarts.ca/modernsuperfoodnutrients/

“This project and the retail catalogue… wowza! What a busy Winter we had! Thank You to the Harmonic Arts ownership team for trusting me to be a part of this process of finishing their inaugural professional e-book.”

 Printed Magazine Articles: Green Living (AZ) https://greenlivingaz.com/?s=alisha+bee

“Over the span of a few years, I was fortunate to appear as a feature story writer within the published pages of Arizona’s own Green Living magazine. My passions for writing and sustainability were quenched throughout this relationship.”

Video about Published Works: http://thealishaproject.com/vimeo-video/in-prints-video-portfolio

“This is a brief intro video to work I have published in recent memory. I enjoy my careers as a commercial writer and as a business consultant. Although, my success often comes is shared between the care and assistance of many others.”

TV Segment about Bees: Morning Brew (1 of 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM7ABcPFNJk

“More than ever, bees matter to our own survival. Thank You to the amazing hosts for allowing such a cool demonstration and discussion to take place.”

Debut Instrumental Musical Album: https://alishabee.bandcamp.com/album/meet-me-there-rhythm-instrumental

“I have a lot of joy in my life when music is present. Making music that soothes me is one of my passions. I decided to compile these tracks into a debut music album. If you do, thank you for listening, and I wish you will enjoy.”

Haiku Book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/alisha-m-forrester-scott/we-are-each-that-girl/paperback/product-23116622.html

“Haikus present the ultimate challenge for me as a wordsmith, which is to convey an overall theme or direction in just 17 total syllables. Haikus can be funny, rude, insightful, hopeful, inspirational, and more… event naughty. This volume of my original haikus are for adults only.”

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