More Information Coming Soon.Our Hiring Plan Spring 2018 Includes:

  • Operations Manager
  • Creative Strategist
  • Digital Strategist
  • Digital Content Strategist
  • Intern 10-Hours Weekly

Work Hours Available:

  • Freelance for projects with less than 15 weekly hours
  • Part-Timer for projects over 15 weekly hours
  • Intern 10-Hours Weekly paid and unpaid opportunities

Compared To Others, Our Business Culture:

  • No drama, and all teamwork.
  • You get what you plan for.
  • Kindness and intelligence, together, are rewarded in-house.
  • Creativity and finding inspirations, absolutely “matters”.
More information on how-to apply will be posted by December 1, 2017.
TAP agency has offered Sandy Rowley of Reno Web Designer an ongoing project-based agreement, and she has accepted… yay! Image owned by PBS.

Click to read about our new teammate from Nevada, Sandy.