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I have been in a bit of a transition the last of this past week. This is not a therapy session post, but WOW. The dust is settling a little more and I took the weekend off for the first time in ??? how long ??? We should all do this more often, I’m sure of it.

My Shift At Aircoins Corp.

This past week, my day-to-day relationship and responsibilities as an appointed VP at Aircoins Corp. has changed. Nearly as fast as I was handed responsibilities, they were shifted to another operator. Now, I will simply work to bring Aircoins and Cryptos to the world during the course of my regular business. The several weeks preceding had been challenging to say the least, as I was suddenly placed in an operand position to help launch the inaugural Apple iOS Aircoins game App. Whew, what a rodeo. And, all is well now. The group is moving ahead. My position as one of six individual shareholders is still relevant, as are my keep in earnings where I was paid in Aircoins (AIRx), which will soon be exchangeable for fiat, if I so chose. I choose #HODL. Aircoins Corp. is signing a crazy-cool Agreement with John McAfee that will affect how Aircoins is perceived by consumers and gamers, and how they will be received by investors. I cannot wait to read the Press Releases and learn more.

Recently On The Road

I flew to meet a group of executives in San Francisco to talk about a big festival-style 3-day concert that will be funded by Cryptos. I was there representing U.S. Blockchain Association, and what I heard and saw was exciting. What I learned was that there are definitely some “big players” in the Entertainment and Financial Technology industries who are willing to try new things. With a little luck, this week our group will receive news that an Agreement has been signed between the massive concert production company and the massive Cryptocurrency company. If this happens, then I will have had the pleasure of working towards this arrangement, including working on the Agreement itself. This sort of work always seems to leave me feeling uplifted, no matter the outcome. My work for the concert itself is unclear and not guaranteed. But knowing that this kind of incredible humanitarian/Cryptocurrency musical event is happening, is honestly good enough for me. Especially with what I already know.

Skillz and Projectz

How do you pay your bills so that you can create change via your pet projects? In the midst of my involvement in very cool unpaid projects, I have had to pay the bills as I normally do, by consulting clients in sales, PR and marketing. It is with great excitement that I finally had the opportunity to work with The Miramar Group LLC on a first set of web marketing and PR projects. This week, our AZ-based team will continue to work towards a complete launch of the group’s incredible Hemp CBD product. More than just a product, I can tell you that there is a massive multi-national business plan attached to it. When I first heard of their plans, I knew that I would be patient as necessary in order to work with them. (It took one year, and is totally worth it.) Of course, I will continue to do my best work, and will hope to meet with one of the group’s Principals to understand what my role moving forward might be.

EatMoreHemp On The Road

For a final consulting projects update, I have wished to be talking about the EatMoreHemp project more. There have been some complexities that have caused our team to pause and wait. And of course, I am still pleased that I have had the opportunity to join EatMoreHemp CEO Thatcher Michelsen in discussion of what’s to come for his national cooking show tour that is shadowing the Phish concert schedule. EPIC. Lastly, in the way of what may be occurring for me, I recently learned that my colleague and teammate Andrew Jon Thomson of Natural Inventions LLC is making plans to refine his Terpene Power investor deck. My previous work to refine his presentation materials was halted, partially-due to a change in their company HQ location, which is deep in the forests of California. With any luck, some funding for this investor deck refinement will come-through, and I will have the opportunity to express my best work in order to help the company receive its first waves of funding. The next few months will go one of two ways, both of which I am prepared to manage:
  1. I am going to be consulting full-time, again, and will shift away from unpaid projects, OR,
  2. I am going to be paid for work that I have already completed for other projects, and can primarily work on my other projects such as my book.


Thank you for reading. The best is yet to be.

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