December 2017 (Last updated Dec 1 2017)
  • TAP agency Collective is in discussions with Karma Juice brand and Hempful Farms brand to create a new juice concept. More information to follow.
November 2017
  • TAP agency Collective has cancelled project rights for the Comfort Clip Pack product. The product will now be distributed by TAP Med Pro, who has partnered with Foojin(TM), and Blue Sky Oils. More information will become available in the coming weeks. Alisha Forrester Scott is the new CEO at TAP Med Pro.
  • TAP agency Collective associate, Sandy Rowley, has secured a monthly SEO project with David “Avocado” Wolfe. Congratulations to Sandy for her excellent accomplishment.
October 2017
  • Alisha Forrester Scott is in early talks with the members of Beyond Brands collective, and their partner Andrew Young of Synergistic Collabs.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott and Bernadette Slowey (of the film Berni’s Journey) have just agreed to plan and produce a 10-episode, multi-media, LIVE talk show series for January 2018. Our topics will be thought and action process oriented. Our show details, calendar, and topics will be released in December.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott and Jesse Lopez have returned the first draft of a Business Plan for BNN Bees News Network to our esteemed publishing network colleague, Miles McNamee (frm. Starz Network and others), for his guidance and camaraderie towards completing the plan. More details will be released in the coming months.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott and Jesse Lopez attend 2017 SW Cannabis Conference & Expo in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott has been invited to consult with the Imperial Hemp Co. group on large scale industrial Hemp additive projects, also in conjunction with consultant Andrew Young at Beyond Brands collective.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott has officially ended the business relationship between TAP agency Collective and UEXL Institute.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott and Jesse Lopez travel to Salt Lake City, UT, for the 2017 Intermountain CFO Summit.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott and Jesse Lopez travel to Denver, CO, for The Adam Dunn Show.
September 2017
  • Alisha Forrester Scott and Dr. Stephen Hobbs workshopped the BNN Bees News Network project in Calgary, AB, CAN.
August 2017
  • Alisha Forrester Scott and Jesse Lopez finalized their TAP agency Collective partnership agreement.
July 2017
  • Alisha Forrester Scott’s Who are “Pin and Eye”? exhibition comes to Children’s Museum of Phoenix. The show is open from early July 2017 through October 2017. Enjoy seeing the photographic and lobby diorama exhibits.
June 2017
  • Alisha Forrester Scott’s latest book review article “For the love of… Cholesterol?! ” hits newsstands in mid-June, in the special men’s issue of Green Living magazine (AZ).
May 2017
CLICK HERE for the interview at Zeta Global Radio SoundCloud page.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott is interviewed on Zeta Global Radio with Lainie Sevante Quirk in an effort to save the bees. CLICK HERE to listen.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott helps to launch new reference book title Modern Superfood Nutrients with Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. FREE to download.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott released her second Haiku book titled, Let’s Be Unafraid, a printed item available at Alisha’s Online Shop.
April 2017
  • Alisha Forrester Scott released her debut instrumental music album, Meet Me There.
  • Alisha Forrester Scott’s Pin and Eye jumbo Art post cards are now on sale at Jarrod’s Coffee Tea & Gallery in Mesa, AZ.
  • Launch of Jack Stuler Foundation (Arizona) at Phoenix Art Museum‘s InFocus lecture event.