New Product Developers Like Us Love Getting Schooled

The original post at LinkedIN Today, I was schooled… and I was GRATEFUL! Forrest Montagne is one of my more inspiring colleagues. He has done all the projects that I want to try, and so when he offers free feedback, I will hear him out. What you’re about to read below is some high-level advice from a product developer with a good track record.
test image outtake from Comfort Clip Pack photo tests
Backstory: Today, in the midst of a product photo concept shoot for our team’s upcoming Comfort Clip Pack, I shared a test image via text. “can I give u my honest opinion?” he wrote. “Please yes offer anything we are experimenting and your timing is perfect,” I responded. Here was his initial advice-by-text:
  • Uniformity vs. Contrast… Asymmetry. Western markets prefer symmetry.
  • Three of more colors used, to help evoke emotion (choose colors carefully).
  • Use green back drop if needed to create color with technology.
  • Focus on importance of empty space. Think Zen when presenting space…
  • Post-production, creating a call to action is a must.
We soon jumped onto a phone call, where I wrote down some notes as he gave a few more pointers:
  • Do not cover any product insert with any part of the product.
  • Superimpose a QR code on the finished image that reaches the sales page.
  • Pay as much attention to lighting as possible.
  • Explore certain filters that help products to stand out without looking unnatural.
Thank You for reading. It is my pleasure to pass this advice on to you!

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