New Media Project Services

New Media Project Services: Let us guide you through the world of Web Marketing 2.0 with our range of services. We are YOUR Team and Advocate!

Our Collective Team Is Located Across North America And The Globe. Our Professional Team Includes Seasoned: Producers, Visionaries, Technicians, Directors, Creators, Authors, Trainers, Researchers, Coders, Designers, Managers, & more…

Our Collective Agency Service Specialties Include:
  • All-things conceptualization and design
  • Creative projects planning and management
  • Advertising and traditional marketing
  • Social media / brand marketing integration
  • Website creation and specialty coding
  • General communications, publicity, and consumer affairs
  • On-site and remote production, meetings, presentations, training, and general work flow
  • Special business workshop experiences, referrals, and networking

Ongoing & Finite Project Services:

CLICK HERE to see our list of services, cost range, and degree of difficulty (for us).  

Alisha Forrester Scott, CEO and your first point of contact at tAp agency.

We run a tight ship around here, and can only work with companies that are seriously invested in the outcome of our work. We look forward to working with you! We love our clients!” ~Alisha Forrester Scott, CEO, tAp agency

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