“Alisha Bee” Forrester Scott will soon release the first title in a series of training books titled, “The First 5 Project Planning Lessons.” “Life Your Life With Even Greater Purpose” is the cover message that greets readers. This 55-page book offers primary leadership insights with project coordination steps, and includes web links to content related resources and worksheets. You can quickly learn to make more meaningful strides and better decisions. If you have ever worked on a project before, then you know how important leadership is to the overall experience and quality results of your efforts. Becoming an effective leader requires a continuum of integration of your personal experiences with ongoing training. CLICK HERE for more in-depth information.

Inside this book you can quickly learn how-to:

  • identify your field of choices,
  • determine your influences,
  • express your personal inspirations,
  • gain systematic project understanding,
  • expand your communications abilities,
  • anticipate early progress, and
  • ace project coordination curves.
The leadership skills and insider tips that you will learn about inside this book can be used for the rest of your life. By simplifying and prioritizing your project coordination efforts, you can quickly learn to be an effective project leader. The cost will be $10-15 + shipping. An e-book version will be released soon after. The book is being transformed into an online course that will be available for free or by donation. More information about this book title will be released as it becomes available. Thank You for your interest.