Moving and Shaking

Hi, this is Alisha Bee. There’s a lot of great news happening lately in the world of our agency. I want to publicly bring everyone up to speed on the latest growth and progress emanating from this office.
New Launches
This coming Monday at about 3:30pm MST, my colleague (since 2014) Lars Gustafsson of and UEXL Platform, is launching his long-awaited social education and marketing platform. My creative roles on the team are organizational and program oriented. The level of productivity that the UEXL Platform launch team has attained, is something I can be proud of being member-to. From producing sales funnels, producing content, gathering feedback, and testing out the website design interface, I have been a happy-busy bee.
New Experiences
I’ve had the fortune and pleasure to work with two marketing and development experts within the last week. David Gross with BANK CODE (TM) has provided copy writing training to the UEXL Founders group, which has greatly improved my speed and methodology of writing for myself and the Institute education Platform launch project. Today even, Dr. Stephen Hobbs (“Dr. WELLth”) has continued to guide me down a vital path of gathering, better understanding, and refinement my work. His wizardry brings understanding of my projects’ purposes, and integrating my own choices and creativity into the next steps. I’m slated to do a 2-day intensive in September with him, and I am marveling even at the opportunity. In the coming weeks, I am looking forward to working with a yogi and marketer named Min Carroll, also from the Founders group. We will collaborate together on UEXL projects, and I will get to learn more about her methods, and enjoy her kind personality.
New Teammates
It has been my dream to “scale” tAp agency, since before when I was doing business as “the Followus agency.” I have successfully attracted a new business partner, and a new online marketing services provider to the table. I recently wrote about Sandy Rowley agreeing to work with me/agency. We have just completed our first project together, an SEO research report series for Lulu’s Chocolate. This Monday, we have another meeting set-up with the CEO of a publicly-traded stock in the cannabis space to talk about web design.
TAP agency has offered Sandy Rowley of Reno Web Designer an ongoing project-based agreement, and she has accepted… yay! Image owned by PBS.
The newest-teammate news is about Jesse from Imperial Hemp Co… we are moving forward with becoming full partners (50/50) at tAp agency… we are now officially scaling! The excitement about this partnership comes in the form of two changes: 1) tAp agency is now going to be known as TAP agency Consulting and PR.  2) TAP agency services are expanding to include sales brokering. I will begin adding Jesse’s information to the agency website continuing in August and September.  
Next Steps… Full Steam Ahead!
I’m personally involved with for the foreseeable future, and I’m having fun learning new skills and meeting new people. I’ve accepted a contract from PROfound agency (operated by to become a coaching professional available for hire to members of their Joint Venture Partnership and student networks. I’ll continue work on my new book launch of “The First 5 Project Planning Lessons” which will be final-final-edited and ready for sales exclusively at by the end of August. In the meantime, there’s continuing travel in the forecast. BNN Bees News Network planning continues, and I am making way so that I may appear at the network. My work with BNN Bees News Network and the UEXL Founders collective may be featured in a documentary from an Arizona-based video services company. Jesse and I have some investment client deals to create in August and September. Jesse and I have weekly meetings now, and are continuing to plan our next points of progress. He has many of his own projects going on, and I can’t wait to *brag* about them here at OUR agency website. Yay!! This life is fun… stay tuned… the best is yet to *bee*…

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