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On my bucket list of life experiences that I want to have, is the item, “Release a music CD.” In the past several years, I have (secretly) created over 100 new songs, and certainly now I have enough music to publish. The result from my bucket list of desires, is a Springtime instrumental music album release that is titled, “Meet Me There.” This is my moment in time to come up above ground with my talents for composition, in a way that will fulfill my spirit. While I am excited for this album release experience, I do not necessarily need to experience any great success with what happens afterwards.

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Recently while in Arizona, I was remotely interviewed by health and wellness personality, Rudolf de Wit, about my upcoming instrumental music album release. My interview with Rudolf will become a short segment to appear in the new season of his TV show, “Dos Mundu Diferente” (Two different worlds) in Curaçao, which is a Dutch Caribbean island. In the interview, I get to talk about how creating this music has provided me with a way to soothe myself. As part of my interview with Rudolf, I wanted to give anyone listening an offer of free music. There is a song on my new album called “Unlabeled Me” that is certainly relaxing to hear. Just as I offer to Rudolf’s fans in the interview, if you are interested, I invite you to CLICK HERE and listen or download this FREE song from my new album.
Rudolf de Wit
I met Rudolf last year in Texas at a conference, and since then he had listened and learned more of my musicality. He is the director of PIAI Institute. He is a natural health practitioner with 35 years of experience, and “he is convinced that the more people know about their health, the better they can take care of the body.” Rudolf has curated a holistic spa, health and wellness educational series featuring well-known presenters, that begins this May on the island.  

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(C) 2017 Published By Alisha The Explorer Album Title: Meet Me There Genre: Instrumental (Rhythmic) Cost: $4.50-$12/USD Purchase Note: All hard copy CD orders are considered to be “limited edition” until 100 copies are produced. Each order includes a recycled jewel case with printed cover Art that is signed and numbered.

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