Meet Alekz (My Indiana Jones Friend!)

My friend Alekz Londos, I have honestly never met in-person. Doesn’t matter. The glorious world of online chats has allowed me to peer inside the INSANELY DANGEROUS WORLD of Alekz. If you don’t believe me, just check out these links: Perhaps I will get lucky and sometime get to video chat or meet Alekz. I will love to observe his lifestyle and personality in a more intimate setting. It is amazing to watch his “ACTUAL INSANELY COOL AND DANGEROUS OFFLINE INDIANA JONES MEETS DISASTER RELIEF RESCUE PROJECTS”… watch him and you would be so thankful for his personal contributions. He reports often and takes photos, with interviews. He has saved countless lives. I will definitely want to ask him how many lives he thinks he’s saved! Not to mention, all of the DISASTER PRE-PLANNING PROGRAMS that Alekz is sharing. His work is priceless. Donate $1,000 or more, and he will have a video chat with you. If you want to donate to Alekz disaster relief travel and expenses fund, he could really use your support to pay for all the payload expenses and daily life-saving costs. He has to carry cash in order to make instant deals for supplies and travel. Your help would change his day from crazy to slightly less stressful. I love Alekz Londos. What a cool person. An incarnated angel even, perhaps.
Here is a recent blurb from Alekz himself, from his personal FB page posts (several posts listed in succession): Special thanks to everyone who supported my disaster relief projects and humanitarian missions this hurricane season as it allowed me to self deploy to Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. I appreciate as well as value everything you have helped me accomplish, thank you.
My two volunteers that I had recruited in San Juan, Puerto Rico “Patric and Brice” spend several hours earlier today successfully clearing the clogged drainage tunnels underneath this road by systematically removing the debris. They did this for the community, they did this for us…… Location: The island of Vieques, Puerto Rico!!

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