I’ve been writing about Pin and Eye for years now. They have changed my life. And now, six of my photographs featuring Pin and Eye (two figurines that I found) will be on exhibit at Children’s Museum of Phoenix all Summer long.

Today, is my birthday.

Literally. Also, today, I am officially finished with Pin and Eye exhibit production. YAY!! There were several aspects and (self-funded) requirements that I’ve been working on for the last two months, including:
  • Three 11″ x 14″ photos
  • Three 10″ x 8″ photos
  • Pin and Eye replicas, and
  • a diorama environment for the Admissions Lobby
  • Pin and Eye stickers, to be gifted to 5,000 children
  • activity coloring pages … If you’re on Facebook, search for Pin and Eye! If you know a kid, you can download the activity coloring pages for free at the Pin and Eye Facebook page.
  • promotional poster, which is the only item here that I did not produce myself (THANK YOU CHRIS PENDERGRAFT!!)
  • Artist Statement
  • Facebook page and other set-ups
  • Create hashtags: #pinandeyeforever #pinandeye
This experience has transformed me into a more confident Artist. Working to replicate Pin and Eye was a beautiful experience. If you don’t know the Pin and Eye story, here it is:
This is my Artist Statement for my “Who are Pin and Eye?” show at Children’s Museum of Phoenix… my first-ever!

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