Ask me, and I’d say that the “4th of July” in the USA is forever changed. Feels and looks very different. If you ask me, I’d say that even still, there is *much* that is going well, and is going “right”… at least I think so. I’ve convinced myself of the innate goodness in people, so that I can make sense of the Trump “Presidency”. This isn’t a Trump post. This is about the 4th of July. Which for me and my family, has been nearly-a-sacred holiday, each year, since I was a baby. Both of my parents are from small towns in Arizona. They are simple people, in the most endearing ways. The mistakes of their generation, and their parents’ generation, are being repeated with my own.

Make A Wish

Happy 4th of July! How will you celebrate? This 4th of July, whatever “nationality” you happen to be this year, please be an American. Make a wish to be a better American. Stand-up for yourself, your neighbors, your community leaders, your teachers, and most of all your children. Please do yourself a SOLID FAVOR by saving your money, instead of spending it on toxic plastics and GMO foods. Please do the bees in your area a SOLID FAVOR and stop spraying MiracleGro and RoundUp type products. They are killing the pollinators that we as humans need for food production. (And FYI healthy honey is becoming rare because of the same types of products.)

Checking-In On Reality

Perhaps “our nation” is on spiritual life support. “The USA” is perhaps screwed beyond spiritual measure. The social, political, educational, financial, OMG EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. Or, that’s what many people are saying, both on and offline. The most harrowing details of reality are not ever grounded in reality. Ideas that scare us, keep us from acting-out in reality. When we do not act-out in reality, then we are more-and-more succumbing to terrible ideas that have no real weight or bearing on our shared reality.

Oppression Rules

I am not in favor of the mass oppression which is being enacted on American citizens, like myself. I am offended, and am being attacked, more and more each year. As a woman, I am more in danger than I ever have been, simply because I am a woman. (Don’t get me started.) The rulers of our oppression are in full understanding of their actions. Look at our government, and tell me that you are happy with what’s happening. The system is gridlocked. People are dying every minute from heart disease (#1 killer) and cancers, and our waters are poisoned. There are thousands of other details I could list, from memory, because I am scared of the future that we are part of.

My Commitments

In the next year of my life, I will stay open to new possibilities of re-creating the future. The seeds of the future were planted long-ago. Technology is helping us to enact them. But the leaders of our societies are interested only in personal gains and cabal power. (Don’t get me started.) My commitments this year and every day from now, is to publicly be against dishonest living. I am against dishonest people being in power and leadership positions. I am against the USA’s failure to control pedophilia, homelessness. I am against computer voting, and being watched by camera at every street corner. I am against being scared all of the time. If you are participating in supporting these activities, I beseech you as a fellow neighbor, to please learn more about the impact of your choices. My commitments are based in my own reality, but they are universally peaceful in intention.

Where is God? Where is Goddess?

Behind my needs for safety, freedom, and community support, lays an anxiety about why God or Goddness is not helping me. Or you, or them. Why are we not being helped to be better? Why are we having to fight to learn how to be better people? Don’t we have all the technology we need to make a better life possible? Where is God then? Is God an iPhone? Where is the Goddness spirit that nurtures our collectives and communities? YOU ARE THAT. I am the God. I am the Goddess. But not when we are enslaved to believe that life has to be so hard?

Reject The Lives Being Forced Upon You

Yesterday was my birthday. My wish for all of us, is that we will each reject the lives being forced upon us. If there is to come a moment when you cannot have the life you want, I will wish that you change that in the most effective ways that you know how. My wish includes a call for peace and cease-fire. My wish includes a call for hackers to come together and create the electronic fabric for our World Peace. If life or death is imminent, as nations arm each day for wars on foreign lands, I wish that we will rebuke the ideals of murder. I wish that we will stop murdering at all levels of being. From political murders to childhood murders, I wish for myself peace that I can continue to pursue my own dreams, despite all the ways I might be feeling scared.

Thank You for reading.

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