Is it too early to announce this?

I am excited at some news I’ve received very recently, which involves a certain photographic art exhibit which I created, combined with a famous city children’s museum! Hahahaha I am fortunate and willing to have received an e-mail with the positive details coming my way. You are welcome to read a snippit of the e-mail, which I have posted on both theAlishaproject FB page and my IG page @alishatheexplorer.
Coming soon to Mesa AZ! Jumbo Art Postcards. Yay! I got the green light and my Pin + Eye jumbo art postcards are going to be sold on Main Street in Mesa AZ 🐝✅❤️😜🏆 more details coming soon of course. “Eye and Pin at the Office” (c) Alisha Forrester Scott, Photographic artist. All Rights Reserved. Thanks! You can buy these cute little guys in printed post card format, then be sure to visit Jarrod’s cafe before May!

Life with my jaw wired up goes on!

And if you read my recent story at IG and FB, then you’ll know that I’m going through some interesting moments in my personal life. Today, I was temporarily un-wired, and then I had to go back to being wired, again. Healing while staying active in my careers and passions, like I was activated prior to my accident, seems a new experience at every turn. But, I also remain focused, using my energy to complete productions that matter me my quality of life, to real people like you and me OFFLINE. I’m having FUN too, which is what I thrive on. Working on my art has given me a boost in morale, which I appreciate. Yep, so today’s “Pin and Eye” news was welcomed. <3 YAY ART! Thank you for reading.

Finally then, back to squares one and two.

If you missed it:
This announcement is UNIQUE from the “Pin and Eye” jumbo post card project I have being installed at Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery in Downtown Mesa. Spring is such a great time for “Pin and Eye” art to become more popular! (c) All Rights Reserved. Images owned by Alisha Forrester Scott. Thanks!

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