We are part of a vast network of sustainability-oriented holistic industry professionals. Miss Alisha M. Forrester Scott and Mr. Jesse Lopez have teamed up to weave investment opportunities together, and bring creative deals which heal communities and the planet, to the marketplace. From opportunities to invest in cannabis-related projects, to exploring the idea of launching your own white label organic health and wellness product line, to participating in BNN Bees News Network early media activities… we are here to bring you to market properly, with efficiency and scale-able ingenuity.

Alisha’s Work With Female Business Owners

In exchange for the stability and support that my network offers me, I pay it forward and am totally willing to be conscientious about who I engage with to do new business and projects. It has been one of my life’s finest adventures as a female business owner, to work with out female business owners. What’s more, most of the women I work with are mothers AND entrepreneurs… I AM INSPIRED EVERYDAY.