If You Are Broke

13 Jun

If You Are Broke

Worried about money?

Cost of our services is an important topic. If you are not currently in the money, yes you might have to save up. But, saving money to book a first session will would be worth it! Alisha personally guarantees that you’ll love your first small biz. or personal brand session with her, or you’ll get money back. If you have time, visit Alisha’s Online Shops and choose a session depending on how much support you need. During your first session, we will face ANYTHING that is standing in your way. Alisha and the tAp agency Collective are trained to “look into it”… and together we will find the answers and next steps for you.
“I run a tight ship, and can only work with those who are seriously invested in the outcome of our work. I do right by my clients and look forward to working with you! Thank You for your interest, and please SIGN-UP for my (secret) Newsletter.”

~Alisha Forrester Scott, CEO, tAp agency

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