Basic Bee FAQs with “Alisha Bee”

Alisha Forrester Scott is Creator at BNN Bees News Network.

She is passionate about information related to bees and chemicals, and enjoys hearing different points of view. Alisha’s belief in world science relating the causes of Honeybee deaths to chemicals, is a backbone of her reality. You will often find Alisha incorporating the bees into the business concepts of her own, and of those around her. She enjoys offline activities in nature very much, and she invites you to research about how solitary bees will save our food supply chain, by forcing us to switch to organic farming. More information will be coming soon. In the meantime, do an online search for “why are the honeybees dying.”

What are the most important facts to know about the bees situation?

There are only several simple areas where you should improve your lifestyle, in order to support the health of all pollinators. Bees beauty both wild gardens and food crops, and you can learn to harvest cocoons in order to save the food supply footprints in your local and regional areas.

How many times have is the average person stung in their life?

Let’s say it’s 1, or 100. Coming into contact with Nature can be a mixed blessing, especially around bees. Whatever your attitude towards bees, your validation that bees are important… is very important. Please show your grateful support for the pollinators of our food, and send all the pollinators your good vibes. And also, learn about these ways to make a difference for yourself.

Is there any reason why I should NOT get involved in bees work?

There are probably 1,000,000 reasons why you should not get involved in an Organic “BNN Lifestyle” and do bees work… and frankly, all of the reasons are probably inhumane AND ignorant. Getting involved in the reality of your life, including by doing bees work, is WORTHY, VALUABLE, AND FUN! Facing reality by employing sustainable practices will enhance your lifestyle very quickly! Learn to enjoy being part of nature, by fostering a relationship with nature-related education. Continue your journey and learn about bees. There are over 20,000 types of bees on the planet. (Just like there are lots of different types of fish in the oceans.)

Bees and Nature mean what to me, and why?

Bees mean quality of life, food, nice tastes, colors, and pretty gardens. If you like living things, then bees are like your best friends EVER. Bees are a very advanced species that we are only just beginning to understand. This is a very exciting time for bees, since they are now associated with curing HIV. In essence, bees are our spouses, and we are married to their survival. Their existence begets our own. Nature is the container for where bees live. We can learn to co-exist with nature, by stopping our busy-ness and be curious enough to continue learning more. I feel that our communities will be enhanced indefinitely, if each of us agrees to educate each of ourselves. We can each live as individuals; and search beyond our current education systems and curriculum for answers on how-to co-exist in a more graceful and loving fashion. This is my sense of the meaning of bees and Nature.

Random: What are your favorite foods?

Mine are avocados and mangoes; berries and cherry tomatoes. I love eating bee pollen and I love eating flowers, too. Bees have touched my life in many ways, and most of the foods I choose to eat are touched by the lives of bees! You should being to research and learn which produce, spices, and nuts food crops are impacted by bees pollination.

CLICK HERE to listen to a podcast interview I had with Lainie at Zeta Global Radio (2017).

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