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What “agency services” means here

Written by Alisha

Hi there!

If you’re reading this, then let’s get down to what you came for… what does “agency services” mean, anyway?! In my world (Alisha’s world), agency services means that there are dozens of skill sets involved in the work that is completed. If you need my and tAp agency services, then you should have more than 4 employees.

Playing The Best Roles

My role in the process of tAp agency services, can sometimes “feel” nebulous to my clients. To provide context for HOW I am able to service many multiple clients at the same time, I have created a new info graphic. Long-story-short, I have thoughtfully “scaled” tAp agency, and kept myself playing in the roles that matter most.


I am a hands-on CEO. I try to add value to every interaction we have. My clients love me. So… take a chance? Check out the info graphic below, and then perhaps fill out my “Ask Me Anything!” form?
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P.S. Did you know I adore Haikus?
I’ve just recently created a page on FB for my 2 Haiku books. The page is called We Are Each That Girl.

Fast Cheap Good Like You’ve Never Had Explained


There is a slight financial barrier to entry, when hiring Alisha and tAp agency. But comparatively, we are less expensive than a big city firm. Our costs are lower than a brick and mortar, because we are decentralized. We also have a better reputation than most other private agencies in North America. (NOT KIDDING.)
Our team dynamic is special; working like bees, and getting along while each doing our respective work. We are each happy and passionate, because we are doing the exact work we once only dreamed of doing.
Why are you interested in us? Beyond services you want, Alisha will give you MONEY BACK… GUARANTEED… whenever that is the right thing to do. We are very good at the work we perform, every day, every hour. (Tons of proof.)

What We Both Want

We want to you help you trust our team of artful professionals, who are your powerful guides and productive technicians. We have nearly all the answers you might ever need. We are always learning and refining our ways of providing leading edge services. We know that you’ll love receiving our services, and the results.

Give us a “GO!”

  • Personal Brands and Small Businesses can enjoy services for as low as $40 (USD).
  • Small businesses can enjoy our convenient Service Packages, which are at a discounted rate.
  • Commercial, corporate, and private contracts start at $125/hr (USD).
  • Large businesses will enjoy value-added services and other pleasant surprises.
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