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Broken Jaw Healing FREE document <————CLICK ON THE LINK to see a list of almost all of the holistic treatments and therapies I “did” — and am still doing — to continue healing my #brokenjaw   I am serious about healing, and have managed to get 2 weeks ahead of jaw healing averages. #dedicationtoself #dedicationtomybody #love  If I have been in pain at all, it has taught me that we might all be better for sharing our personal information about healing. This helpful document is my gift to anyone that wants to heal. The list is now dated… I’ve had several more treatments. But, this is the majority of the first phases of healing from #jawsurgery   And, I’m saving you thousands of dollars by giving you this information… #trustmeIknow. A sincere thank you for your interest. Pass it on!

View From My Eyes

This is the view from one of the doctor’s offices that I visited during my jaw surgery and jaw wired shut journey. I always appreciated seeing green and “nature” from these sorts of office windows. #natureheals

The Business of Self

As I heal from an epic fall-turned-surgery, I am learning more about my real self than ever before. I partially blame all the scans I’m getting for this. The other reason I am learning is because of my career as a writer and researcher. Getting referrals for the very specific care that my medical case requires, would be more exhausting if I didn’t have a desire to heal. Being on the mend requires that I keep a certain quality and amount of energy in my body. The right kind of energy can act like a key, further unlocking my body’s healing potential. And I, need ALL of the physical healing that I can get. Being into holistic medicine is something I live in my daily life. Some people call me a Hippie. But I am like a next gen Hippie. A Happie. Haha In the midst of my journey through healing from jaw surgery and three break sites, you might be happy to know that I’m taking it easy. I am doing first for myself, and then for others. Being “sick” or in my case recovering from surgery while healing from broken bones, is perfect cause for slowing down. Despite any mental energy that I have, my body always seems to take control. When I’m tired, I rest. Sometimes for 10 hours. When I am hungry, I take all the time and care and “Happie space” in the world for eating. My relationship with food has changed for the time being. Liquid everything. Rule #1: I must enjoy the meals that I am ingesting, which also have to align with both my tastes, and medical/healing needs. Recently, I sat in my surgeon’s office. He is in Mesa AZ and is a DDS. A surgeon-dentist. He is well respected because “he is thorough” (from what I was told by a doctor/resident who was at my surgery assisting my surgeon). So, I was sitting in the nice padded chair, and was glad to see sunlight from behind a nice cool glass, with a little bit of leaves and bushes to appreciate in my front view. A moment later I was being “un-wired” with the potential that I’d graduate to the next step of my care program. The next steps are to take off the wires permanently, and install rubber bands. But, no luck. Photo Reaction Re-Cap: Look up, L to Right, you can see snapshots of me before getting unwired; next, you can see the metal currently in my mouth. Yes my mouth is wired shut using actual wire. Third, after being unwired, I am open-mouthed for 45 minutes. That time was spent productively, as I was trying to open and close my mouth on a jaw that is sort of “brand new” to me. (Unknown how I was going to feel UN-wired, I expected soreness.) I found that the muscles in my tongue are not exactly strong right now. Those weakened/currently unused muscles in my jaw/face feel like they are tied directly to the jaw-break site on the same side of my face. WOW what an intense reality being un-wired was. As I was being wired again, I cried, but that’s healthy. I did feel a bit devastated to be wired, again. But, another appointment was set for 2-weeks. After the appointment I realize that I am not a quitter. I already have a plan in process to accelerate the healing process of my bones and tissues. I’ll talk about my Next Level Healing below. That same day, but at night, I switched gears and readied myself emotionally for the launch of the Jack Stuler Foundation non-profit organization launch project that I’ve been co-spearheading since last June. My client and partner, Sabina Kelly-Allen is Jack Stuler’s daughter, and the Director of the organization. Along with Marilyn Hayes and Neil Miller, the Phoenix Art Museum classroom was a perfect backdrop for our very first event. I’ll write about this soon, and have some fun pictures and WAY COOL NEWS FOR ARTISTS IN AZ. The image you see above is lights dimmed inside the presentation. I’m standing at the back of the classroom, and there are about 35 people in attendance for this InFocus-sponsored lecture.

Just before that evening’s event though…

I had received favorable news from the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. My “Pin and Eye” (“two little guys”) photography is going to be placed on-exhibit inside the Museum! I will post more about this soon. Such a cool opportunity, and I am grateful to have had the inspiration to create a specialty visual presentation and written proposal to them. This is my first art submission! Home Run!

The Current Chapter Is The Next Level Of My Healing

Where am I at now? You know, the next day after the JSF launch event, which was yesterday. That was also a big day for me. I went to visit a specialist and 42-year veteran in the holistic dentistry realm. His name is Dr. Nicholas J. Meyer. There is an injection therapy called PRP that Dr. Meyer performed. My fear of needles is lessening, the more I encounter them. Needles aside, I’ll soon write about my unique day at his office in the Scottsdale area. Fascinating avenues for healing exist for my particular situation and case. My care has to be very specialized at this point, or my health could decline quickly. I refuse to decline in my health, because I like healing as a lifestyle normally, anyway. More on this holistic dentistry adventure coming soon to this blog.

Is it too early to announce this?

I am excited at some news I’ve received very recently, which involves a certain photographic art exhibit which I created, combined with a famous city children’s museum! Hahahaha I am fortunate and willing to have received an e-mail with the positive details coming my way. You are welcome to read a snippit of the e-mail, which I have posted on both theAlishaproject FB page and my IG page @alishatheexplorer.

Coming soon to Mesa AZ! Jumbo Art Postcards. Yay! I got the green light and my Pin + Eye jumbo art postcards are going to be sold on Main Street in Mesa AZ 🐝✅❤️😜🏆 more details coming soon of course. “Eye and Pin at the Office” (c) Alisha Forrester Scott, Photographic artist. All Rights Reserved. Thanks! You can buy these cute little guys in printed post card format, then be sure to visit Jarrod’s cafe before May!

Life with my jaw wired up goes on!

And if you read my recent story at IG and FB, then you’ll know that I’m going through some interesting moments in my personal life. Today, I was temporarily un-wired, and then I had to go back to being wired, again. Healing while staying active in my careers and passions, like I was activated prior to my accident, seems a new experience at every turn. But, I also remain focused, using my energy to complete productions that matter me my quality of life, to real people like you and me OFFLINE. I’m having FUN too, which is what I thrive on. Working on my art has given me a boost in morale, which I appreciate. Yep, so today’s “Pin and Eye” news was welcomed. <3 YAY ART! Thank you for reading.

Finally then, back to squares one and two.

If you missed it:
This announcement is UNIQUE from the “Pin and Eye” jumbo post card project I have being installed at Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery in Downtown Mesa. Spring is such a great time for “Pin and Eye” art to become more popular! (c) All Rights Reserved. Images owned by Alisha Forrester Scott. Thanks!

Kind Praise Appreciated


“This past year was filled with challenging project work that excited me to my spiritual core! Each of the CEOs, entrepreneurial technicians, and business Artists that I mind-melded with, helped me to UP my game and tighten any loose mental screws. I am selective when choosing clients, because they become part of my life and sphere of influence. It is with sincerity that I say, “Thanks!” to the lovely people you see below and others! I have absolutely zero regrets about my involvement, efforts, or results of production, with any of my clients! I only wish I would take pictures with all my clients and associates to post here!I am wishing everyone an incredibly creative 2017 and beyond!” ~Alisha

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