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How do words affect your health? It is my (Alisha’s) pleasure to make an announcement. Recently, I received the final copy of my upcoming article called, “For The Love Of… Cholesterol?!” This article is a review of Dr. Jack Wolfson’s book, “The Paleo Cardiologist,” which will appear in the June issue of Green Living magazine (AZ, cover shown)… The Men’s Healthy Living issue. @greenlivingaz can always use your support, so please plan to pick up a FREE copy around Phoenix, coming soon!! I’ll post a link to the online version when it becomes available!! As always, I want to thank Green Living mag for supporting my efforts to educate the masses using my own Wordpowers. 😉  

What “agency services” means here

Written by Alisha

Hi there!

If you’re reading this, then let’s get down to what you came for… what does “agency services” mean, anyway?! In my world (Alisha’s world), agency services means that there are dozens of skill sets involved in the work that is completed. If you need my and tAp agency services, then you should have more than 4 employees.

Playing The Best Roles

My role in the process of tAp agency services, can sometimes “feel” nebulous to my clients. To provide context for HOW I am able to service many multiple clients at the same time, I have created a new info graphic. Long-story-short, I have thoughtfully “scaled” tAp agency, and kept myself playing in the roles that matter most.


I am a hands-on CEO. I try to add value to every interaction we have. My clients love me. So… take a chance? Check out the info graphic below, and then perhaps fill out my “Ask Me Anything!” form?
CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC TO ZOOM IN. Thank you for your interest!

Seriously, Ask Me Anything!

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P.S. Did you know I adore Haikus?
I’ve just recently created a page on FB for my 2 Haiku books. The page is called We Are Each That Girl.

Fast Cheap Good Like You’ve Never Had Explained


There is a slight financial barrier to entry, when hiring Alisha and tAp agency. But comparatively, we are less expensive than a big city firm. Our costs are lower than a brick and mortar, because we are decentralized. We also have a better reputation than most other private agencies in North America. (NOT KIDDING.)
Our team dynamic is special; working like bees, and getting along while each doing our respective work. We are each happy and passionate, because we are doing the exact work we once only dreamed of doing.
Why are you interested in us? Beyond services you want, Alisha will give you MONEY BACK… GUARANTEED… whenever that is the right thing to do. We are very good at the work we perform, every day, every hour. (Tons of proof.)

What We Both Want

We want to you help you trust our team of artful professionals, who are your powerful guides and productive technicians. We have nearly all the answers you might ever need. We are always learning and refining our ways of providing leading edge services. We know that you’ll love receiving our services, and the results.

Give us a “GO!”

  • Personal Brands and Small Businesses can enjoy services for as low as $40 (USD).
  • Small businesses can enjoy our convenient Service Packages, which are at a discounted rate.
  • Commercial, corporate, and private contracts start at $125/hr (USD).
  • Large businesses will enjoy value-added services and other pleasant surprises.
Your first meeting is FREE, so fill out the “Hello!” free meeting form. Thank You, and see you on the inside!

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The Busiest Hustler

(Gallery Is At Page Bottom)

Hi there, it has been a little bit since I posted. If you are reading this, then congratulations. 🙂 If there was a time to check-in on what I’m up to, then this would be it! As we are in our last official month of Spring, my opinions of how business went this past season, are strong. There were some major letdowns, some missed connections, and some budget gaps. There are some incredibly courageous entrepreneurs out there, and I’m working with some of the top best! Mostly, everyone I’m working with has been hustling since before “the election.” I can see that everyone is doing their best, which is promising in my mind!

News Flashes

My “Pin and Eye” photographic exhibit at Children’s Museum of Phoenix will be opening at the beginning of Summer 2017. This is my first-ever (inaugural) Art show. 6 photographs will be shown inside the museum, in the “Pit Stop” area. The name of my show is: Who are “Pin and Eye?” The show will last at least 3-months.


A replica of “Pin and Eye” — housed in a clear plexiglass diorama — has been requested by the museum. They are putting this “Pin and Eye” diorama display right on their front Admission Desk! Down low… so the little kids can gawk at it. I am thrilled that “Pin and Eye” are getting the spotlight! There are two other BIG announcements that I can make… but I’ll cool off on the “Pin and Eye” photo exhibition news for now. Check back soon!
CLICK HERE to Like the “Pin and Eye” FB page @pinandeyeforever. I’ll keep improving it as I inch towards the Summertime launch. I am in full production mode now!

Co-Authoring Announcement

I have joyfully completed my work on the First Edition of a new reference book. I am listed as a co-author on the “Modern Superfood Nutrients” e-book, alongside Clinical Herbalists Yarrow Willard, and Angela Willard. They are my clients, and this is one of several projects for their business, Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary, that I have joined in on. Beginning this Sunday on FB LIVE, Yarrow will be broadcasting the launch of this book… which has taken us four months (a team of 5) to complete. We are all so happy for ourselves, and proud to give this vital reference book away for FREE to our online communities.
CLICK HERE to get with the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary FB Page.

New Clients & Services

I’d like to publicly welcome a new client, They are planning some changes to their online business that I will help to refine and coordinate. I’m happy to say that we have already blasted-off for our first 5-hour package together. I can talk more about this soon. But, my first deliverable to them are my detailed recommendations for next steps, and then begin to do the tasks.
I’m changed my Pricing Matrix, and want YOU to be the first to know about it. Soon, I will be scaling my agency to provide new media agency services to global online non profit education and holistic brand marketing clients. (If this sounds fancy and complicated, that’s because it is.) I’m going to be charging more for my time, and hire an outside team to manage, so that I can offer more of my expertise to bigger and bigger clients.
My Service Packages are still VERY affordable, when compared to entrepreneurs that are stationary. My traveling expenses are less than the living expenses of other comparable-quality consultants and agencies. But, they have to charge more than I do, because they have much more overhead. It is my pleasure to offer competitive rates for kind, professional, and expert services.

Web & Schedule Changes

My new website upgrades will be happening gradually. A new template has been put into place, which offers more versatility and promotional abilities. The end-game is to have a new shop up and running this summer. I am going to produce an e-book catalogue with live links, and will post it when finished of course. This e-book will help promote the various products that I own. The new shop will be linked to the e-book.
Currently, you can see my full products and inventions catalogue at:

Here’s What I’m Up To Lately (Image Gallery):

Ups (mostly Ups) and Downs

Relatively fewer downs than ups for certain. But, my world has been inverted and refined since I broke my jaw on the early morning of March 5. I’ve been processing all the emotions, supposed meanings, and truth that is my life. When I feel like “whatever I am is perfect” is when the ups happen. The downs are always surprising, to me, the calculated competitor. I judge myself harshly, in other times. But in the nowness of time, today on May 9 of 2017 in the year of our Lord Trumpkins, I cannot judge. My perceptions and perspectives and reality have all shifted. Inside and outside of me, I am bathing in flux.

The projects that I have adopted in my personal life and careers, are what I consider to be huge career works. In order to preserve my own morale around being “so productive” — between trying to live a good healthy life — it is true that I allow myself certain… freedoms. I allow myself to tell the truth, by pointing out what I’m seeing. This alleviates all sorts of anxieties within me, for all the reasons why you might feel the same way, if you were me. I’ve learned that I don’t know anything… except what love is. I’ve had to love myself more than I have ever tried to before. With having a broken jaw, and with the mouth being so very important to the life and welfare of me as a human being, the last 10-weeks have literally been the “go-time” of my adult age.

I sound over-important…

…when I talk about my careers, and projects, and dote on my clients. This is because I like to brag about every step I take that ends up going right. Because, I have been in places where every step I took was… not good, healthy, intelligent, etc. This is an observation, not one of my harsh self-judgments. There is a correlation between how much energy I have to heal, and how much I am doing to heal myself. I’ve noticed while healing from jaw surgery, that every iota of energy matters to me, when I’m healing a system inside my body. In more ways than one, I am discovering that my body seems like its own vast Universe… somehow we all have one (you and me), and they mostly all have the same needs (physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, sensual, etc.). As May opens and blooms, the deserts here in Arizona are already arid, but still cool in the evenings. I have opened my door every evening for the past two weeks… what joy to feel this desert town cool down. The range from hot day to cool night, and all the self-care has got me feeling present and aware.

Making Gains

Emotions are the #1 indicator of whether someone with a health challenge will heal and remain illness-free. Or, whether they will lapse into a cycle of illness. This is the message that I have heard loud and clear from literally dozens of top medical doctors. It seems to me a natural wonder, that emotions can be the wellspring of life or death. Okay, I kind of knew that already somehow, intuitively. For me, emotions are indicators of balance, transition, or imbalance. My emotions are in a nice place, with occasional clouds. 😉 I’m not on pharmaceuticals, which (coming from my family) is a rarity. I’m spending energy to ensure emotional balance, including taking mild natural/nutritional supplements that keep my brain healthy and active. I’m learning that my emotions seem to be well-balanced when I am physically whole. My natural focus with having a broken jaw, is to take all the care I can, of myself. This is a new way of life for me. Again, never before have I taken care of myself so well. So… emotionally… I’m MAKING GAINS

Physical Gains

Not a pleasant way to frame the topic. Especially, since I am in pain often. Physically, I am “mostly able” to lead a normal life. So this is a big win. I could have been hurt worse, as I’ve myself said. There are some messy health challenges that I am in the midst of. But, I am accustomed to facing challenges. So… physically… I’m MAKING GAINS. There are some physical challenges to working on my careers, that breaking my jaw did not plan for. Hahah I am thinking of some funny/embarrassing moments, and you can ask me when you see me. Let me say that I have often felt physically disabled, because I broke my jaw. Yes, that’s to be expected. But, there are many details of living life in “that reality” that are hard to otherwise imagine.
You can see some of “Pin and Eye” on sale now at Jarrod’s cafe in Mesa AZ. I designed all elements of the sales display, except for making the glass box. Including, the actual jumbo art post cards. There are 5 different cards.
Physical friendships have been missing from my life while I heal, except in rare occasions. I’ve been more or a Phone/Text friend, than in in-person friend, to my friends. Honestly, I did not feel like “going out” to feel physically or socially awkward around my friends. (This is my pride talking, haha.) But, for some reasons that I isolated my physical self, I did feel like I “would be back” soon. I’ve learned that — even when alone — there is always a potential for drama, when I am not properly socialized. 😉 I used to throw parties for a living, no joke, and for many reasons I feel comfortable being around many people. (Especially, when everyone is dancing.) You can imagine even my jaw’s confusion, when breaking my jaw prevented me from being more social. #solitaryperson #that’scoolwithmethough #releasecontrol
L to R: Sabina and Alisha, working together at Jack Stuler Foundation. We work together well, and are supporting each other to do our best.


During the past several weeks, I have been posting, in lieu of normalized socialization. It “sort of” works. But really, if I were hard core about my health, perhaps I would have chosen a ‘wave-free’ / non-radio-active environment. But, I didn’t because I couldn’t, I felt. And so, being away from everyone… I am very much accustomed to being part of a social scene. Even in normaly, I have many real, offline, 3D+ friends, who I sincerely love, enjoy being around, and taking time to spend time with. As I tend to do: #ilovemyclients #ilovemycareers #realtalk

Thank YOU! Whether in-person…

…or on the telephone, or Skype, or E-mail and text and messenger, I want to THANK those who have been around me on a regular basis through my healing. I was humbled to have many people caring for me, and bringing me good laughs by text, phone, and in-person (<— the bravest ones). Recently, I returned from a trip to Sedona where I got to hug a lot of people I care about. I hung out with a half-dozen of my local yocal friends, and I got my laughing “in” and felt great smiling while feeling more confident about what that smile looks like and needs.

Career-iosity News Ups

On the ups side, I have a lot of my projects currently in bloom. I’m seeing some relative payoff from fostering real relationships, which brings me hope. CLICK HERE to read my latest news from the previous week. It will be more specific with details than this post is. Above and beyond last weeks news, I’m busy on projects that really light me up. In April, my life got a lot cooler and fun, when compared to March. First, I got my jaw unwired, which of course was life-changing. Then, I submitted my photographic art to a prestigious children’s museum, and was accepted and offered a 3-month exhibition. I had put together a winning proposal, that smoothed the path there. So knowing that my design and copywriting work — which is authentic (for the record) — worked… is way cool. (This helped me to feel more proficient at opening my own doors, instead of always asking fate to do it.)
Upcoming self-published title release
Another BIG DEAL for me in April, was that I FINALLY FINISH-FINISHED my upcoming book The First 5 Project Planning Lessons. Took 2-years and now I know more than when I started. Also in April, I was able to post a range of graphic training goods, like leadership planning charts. I did a website revision, and helped one of my dedicated clients to finish a big print materials project. I got new daily glasses with UV coatings to protect my eyes from blue light on screens (laptop, cell phone, etc.). If you’re on my IG @alishatheexplorer or my FB @theAlishaproject you will often see my glasses. Five jumbo art post cards that I shot, designed, and printed, went on sale at Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery in Mesa, AZ (on Main Street). Oh, and Haiku book second edition release, and the launch of Jack Stuler Foundation at Phoenix Art Museum‘s InFocus lecture event… a client I have been working with for 10-months. So much progress. So, so much more even than I care to type here, as it is all still in-process.

In May, I have already had some career MAKING GAINS moments.

  • Introduced 2 hard working people who may be doing business together soon
  • I was interviewed by Lainie Sevante Wulkan for Zeta Global Radio about bees
  • I sent my The First 5 Project Planning Lessons to my potential publisher/marketer, and he likes it
  • Have attracted 4 different leads for new clients or new project work
  • Have booked 1 new client, and are continuing on 2 projects for a dedicated client
  • Learned to eat solid foods even through any pain (which I’m sure absolutely affects and improves my abilities to support clients)
  • I purchased the materials I needed to complete an accessory design project

Coming Soon (written back then a few days ago)

Privately, I will continue on my #jawjourney, and have appointments set-up with some doctors that can help heal me. Including, trying out Dr. Barry Goldberg DC, with the referral from my holistic dentist, Dr. Nicholas Meyer. Setting and going to these appointments is a big deal for me, and they are what I look forward to during the week, in between my career and family/friends focus. I’ve been in intensifying pain the last 3-weeks, and my appointment with Dr. Goldberg may actually solve much of the pain. (I am hoping!) I’ll still keep staying strong physically, emotionally, and staying present to do my best in all situations… because the alternative (NOT doing this) is not better.
Thank you to Mark Douglas one of my former clients, for sending me a new client referral.
Specific to May, I am hoping to meet in-person some of my new clients, traveling also for health treatments related to my jaw and general health, and visiting my existing clients. I am hoping to book 1-2 new projects, and earn my way to a few destination retreat experiences that are available on my plate. Before my jaw surgery I had recorded a video interview with health event and media producer, Rudolf de Wit. (If you go to his Summer 2017 events, use my coupon code: UCAFS007 to get a coupon discount.) Back to Rudolf and me, our segment was spent talking about my inaugural instrumental music album titled, “Meet Me There“. Perhaps this month, the interview will be posted. In the way of getting back to my travel lifestyle, I’m doing some planning and may soon be headed on a little trip to Montana… then maybe Colorado, Oregon, then California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and if I’m lucky Chicago. These are my goals, and all of them include projects from the road, and also on-site with my clients. June and July and August are in the ether. I can’t see them in my visions at all right now.

Today (written earlier tonight)

One major change from who I was “before my fainting spell” and who I am today, is that I am a whole next level of honest and authentic. Through this exercise to mend myself at deep physical levels, I am found. I have learned that I desire truth and love above all else in my life. Being honest about “where I’m at” is an absolute must. I am getting good at it, but I am still learning to take the best possible care of myself so that I can heal from my more serious injuries. Why did it take (yet) another health crisis to help me learn that? Oh wait… because it was my fate.
Health is a continuum on a spectrum of many shades of gray. I am working to be on the clear side of my current health challenge.

This Moment

I’m at peace with my fate. I have to be, or the alternative is simply a sad ending. I’m pleased to be finishing this post, sitting in my studio at my mother’s home, looking out the front window onto the grass, and the sun is about to go down. Just a minute, I need to go see it. 30 minutes later: The sunset I just watched was inspiring, and mesmirizing, and helped me to work some ideas out of my head. Pain left my head earlier today, and I know that probably is “weird” to read. Everyone understands what pain is. Some people avoid it. Some gravitate towards expressing it. Intense pain at length is NOT my favorite type. I’ve been in moderate pain for 3-weeks. And after today’s appointment with Dr. Barry Goldberg in Phoenix (holistic chiropractor and craniopath), I am more pain free than I have been in 3-weeks. This is new… and in my reality, an appointment this afternoon is the reason I feel well enough to finish this piece. Life is so good.
I was pleased to act as creative liaison and art director for my client, to produce their 2017 (re-imagined) Retail Catalogue. This Vancouver Island, BC-based company boasts two clinical herbologists on-staff. #ilovemyclients #ilovemycareers #projectlife



News of News

If I seem to “have a lot going on” it is because that is true. Part of my joy in everyday living comes from my creative habits. I always have a list of joys waiting in the background because I am constantly in-process on creative projects. There is no stopping me with this whole “self-publishing” reality that I have stepped into. Many of the projects that have been running in the background of my life, are finally coming to fruition. The timing is right, because I am more experienced and better-equipped to handle the challenges which often are present during projects and production. Words words words, here are the top headlines from my everyday life, with a brief smidgen of current/future news about all my news.
  1. The Jack Stuler Foundation recently launched. This was a 10-month planning process. We are up-and-running with wind in our sails. If you like behind the scenes info: Next steps are website revisions, awards programs planning, and naming of a new business that the Foundation will own. Jack Stuler passed in 2015, but his work is already regarded as highly collectible. If you are a fan of mid-century, black and white photography, then Jack is your man. From everything I have learned about him, Jack was THE man. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to meet him, but I certainly “feel” him while I work with his daughter Sabina Kelly-Allen on this project. #artmatters #jackstulerfoundation #supportartists
  2. Speaking of photography, I am pleased to announced that my “Pin and Eye” photographic series is going to become more well-known. I currently have 5 selected prints from a larger collection, now featured in “museum quality” jumbo art post cards, currently sold only at Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery, in Mesa, AZ. I was able to both successfully plan out and design elements for the sales display.
  3. And still, “Pin and Eye” photographs will be featured all summer long at the one-of-a-kind Children’s Museum of Phoenix! This is my first-ever exhibition of this photographic series. 6 pieces have been selected to be placed in the “Pit Stop” area of the museum, and I am also donating a special piece for their front lobby… let’s just say this is all going to be #adorable. I will confirm details of the dates for exhibition, and invite all of my friends to take their kids to go and see the installations. I also have a special announcement to make about this project as installation begins, near the end of May 2017.
  4. Something that I haven’t mentioned in a while, is the 2017 Retails Sales Catalogue for my client, Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary (Vancouver Island, BC). I had a wonderful experience working with their executive team and graphic designer/typographer through the Winter on this project. The company recently launched the new catalogue at a specialty consumer expo, and I’m told it was well-received. A printed copy of the catalogue is being sent to me, and I will be thrilled to see it in full color. The next projects I am working on with this top-choice client of mine, are related to e-book publishing and web branding. I am excited to announce that I have helped to organize, edit and co-author their upcoming e-book… more details to come.
  5. Speaking of books, my debut self-help title The First 5 Project Planning Lessons will be ready for release in early May! This project has taken me two years to complete, and is a labor of love because I will be giving it away for free to all adults and mature teens. You can learn all about this project by looking at my blog. Other (working) titles upcoming for this year include: Book of Real Prayers and Dreams Made Manifest (workbook manual), a second Haiku book, and a ‘personal-narratives-meets-journal-entries’ manuscript called Gate Codes. That’s not all… haha… you can click into my full product catalogue page to see everything that I have announced and in-the-works.
  6. It has been 9-months since I was last interviewed about bees. The last time was in Colorado. If you did not know, my nickname, Alisha Bee, comes from my passion for community bees awareness and education efforts. This Thursday, April 27, I will once again be happy to talk with Lainie Sevante Quirk at Zeta Global Radio about the current plight of the bees. She is an amazing creative producer currently living in New Mexico, and her program is broadcast online all over the world. We have worked together on the radio and events since our 2013 BeesWeek project at University of New Mexico. At that time, Lainie was co-producing a huge film festival that my BeesWeek activities were a part of. If you do not know about bees, or if you want to know what’s currently happening in their world, then I hope you won’t want to miss this show. I will post a show air link when it becomes available.
  7. Recently, I learned that I had made a little money that I didn’t expect to, from referring people to BodyMind Institute’s plethora of professional instruction courses. I have been working and in contact with Lars Gustafsson, the founder of BMI, since 2013. He is actually the person who supported my early efforts to begin on my forthcoming self-help book, The First 5 Project Planning Lessons. Here’s a list of the other courses and offerings that I am hoping my new book will be listed beside.
  8. Lastly, Thank You to everyone that has kept my spirits up during the last 6 weeks post-surgery. It was at that time that I had surgery to repair a broken jaw, caused by a self-incurred accident that I had in Nevada. The reality of living with a jaw that doesn’t function perfectly, has been eye-opening. You won’t find me mincing words from now on, because I know now how important being able to speak clearly and essentially, is. The love and care that I have given to myself, coupled with the love and care incoming from many of my friends and online acquaintances, has been inspiring. It will be my pleasure to pass the same high-quality love to others. Currently, I can open my mouth, and am beginning to eat solid foods, again. But, there is still a lot of metal in my mouth. In about 2-weeks, my wired jaw journey will be coming to an end. (Pssst… of course, there’s likely a publishing announcement to be made, as I start to record and reflect on my healing experience and how it might help others going through jaw surgery recovery.) I will be thankful to continue on with my #jawjourney, as I still have other, smaller challenges to face and correct, stemming from this same accident.
Thank You for reading!

A New Community Resource For Artists

The newly inaugurated Jack Stuler Foundation (“JSF”) an Arts NPO, sets sail amidst enthusiastic crowd of 35 at Phoenix Art Museum.


Contact JSF

Several years ago already…

I was a contracted event designer for the Phoenix Art Museum. They were my client, and I worked with then-Marketing Director Mark Patel to design and produce all sorts of events and artful consumer experiences. Including, the First Friday’s Train Tracks Series, and the unveiling of Sui Jianguo‘sJurassic Age” sculpture, a big red dino that permanently adorns the museum’s front lawn. My recent return to the Phoenix Art Museum as part of another project was a delight!
From PAM website: “Sui Jianguo is considered one of China’s most important contemporary sculptors. His work is often seen as a symbol of China’s transition from communism to capitalism. While playful, Sui’s oversized red dinosaur also evokes the dragon symbol of imperialist China the country’s current aggressive business practices. The phrase “Made in China” embossed on the dinosaur’s stomach references China’s emergence as a contemporary economic juggernaut.” “The reason I enlarge the toys to such an enormous size is to highlight the political economic system behind them. Dinosaur toys are designed by a company in a western country, produced in China and then commercially distributed around the globe.” – Sui Jianguo

InFocus hosts JSF at Phoenix Art Museum

As you may know, since last summer I have been honored to work on a very special Arizona-based project launch called Jack Stuler Foundation (JSF). The inaugural event was held at the Phoenix Art Museum recently on April 12. We all gathered to listen to those knowledgeable, answer questions about Jack Stuler’s life and words. The event was presented by Members of the InFocus photography group. Among them were also Jack Stuler art fans, his students, and his colleagues. As any who attended might agree, the newly launched Jack Stuler Foundation is truly an organization that Jack Stuler, the professor, master photographer, and friend, would be proud of.
  • Jack Stuler’s daughter, Sabina Kelly-Allen, was present and also acting as Emcee. She inherited her father’s priceless mid-century black and white (and some color!) photographic collection. The collection includes rare prints, framed prints, thousands of images, books, and equipment. Sabina decided to kick start the event’s energy, by raffling off 3 rare b/w photographs.*
  • Throughout the 1.5 hour event, a crowd of 35+ people sat in folded chairs in a semi-darkened room for a voice and image lecture entitled, ‘The Final Picture.’ Sabina, and two others, Marilyn M. Hayes and Neil Miller, each spent 15-25 minutes going over various aspects of the delightful story of Jack Stuler’s person, Artworks, and life work as a father and university photography professor.
  • Anyone looking at the slides presented during the various lectures, was likely in visual heaven. Placed beside photographs of Jack Stuler’s otherworldly natural images, were snapshots in time of Jack at play, with family, in the school office, and of course in the act of being a class act. From all the photos one might see that Jack Stuler has AMAZING style. (Timeless even, I would say. Just ask any of his supporters!)
  • Before the event officially started, I was standing in the general area, and there was an exciting raffle energy building. About 1/3 of guests in attendance for the lecture event purchased raffle tickets.
Being from Arizona, and knowing that Sabina grew up here, too, makes Jack Stuler’s life in Arizona seem more spiritually in alignment, and real to me, than I would have imagined or known to prepare for. I am in love with the opportunity to execute much of the planning and art direction and copywriting work, and to help guide Sabina with the entire project of what is now the Jack Stuler Foundation. As a founding member, and as her cohort behind the scenes, I have taken seriously my need to gain an understanding of what’s on the table, and what’s at stake!
  • The Jack Stuler Foundation’s mission is simple: put cash into the hands of struggling local artists. Jack himself complained incessantly about how the state university he worked at (and graduated from) was too damned expensive. He saw that people with talent were being rejected from art as a lifestyle and career, because they would not find the money to attend art school at the university.
  • And now, Sabina, in true relay fashion, picks-up the baton of community enlightenment that her father Jack carried. The tradition of keeping the arts in our communities, by educating the talent in our own communities, is a lost local business art that JSF has committed to helping revive and support! The people doing art business should take care of the people doing art. Our organization will accomplish this. Our future prospects to spread the JSF message and financial program awards are filled with full potential.

JSF Director recently announces plans to quickly expand operations by operating a forthcoming downtown Phoenix photographic printing lab!

More details are coming soon on this exciting business start-up news! JSF will own and operate a newly-formed photographic printing lab, set to open in the midst of Downtown Phoenix Arts culture, perhaps sometime this Summer or early Fall. I have been listening with AWE to the details that Sabina is sharing with me about this new business, which will fund the JSF operations and awards budgets. This brilliant move has so many unique benefits, that I will be thrilled to share more information, as soon as details are set into place.
  • As the mouthpiece of JSF, putting her money where her mouth is, Sabina is acting as a courageous and SMART leader. I am proud of her for getting through the last 10-months which have been filled with the fullness of newness, emotionalism, and endless lists of details and tasking that have been requiring her full energy and attention.
  • The JSF is not Sabina’s full time job yet, it is a second full-time job, in addition to her also running a popular Airbnb bungalow, and being a wife and mother.
*I was thrilled to pull the winners from the ticket bowl. Each of the prints was “Untitled” though different. (Jack Stuler rarely named his works.) Sabina’s young adult daughter, Skye’s blue hair was a hit! She sold most of the raffle tickets! So when she asked to take photos of the raffle winners (at my asking please!), everyone seemed to be at-ease and happy.

Winners of the original artworks raffle ($300/value of each of 3 pieces):

  • Winner Jim Kelly
  • Winner Marilyn Tickna
  • Winner Linda Ballinger (She and Jim flew in for the event. Jim was Director at Phoenix Art Museum before retiring a few years ago. They and their children have original Jack Stuler pieces in their own collections. It was a fun to see them win!)

Quotes from the event!

“I’m so happy to see that so many people came to this event. I see students of Jack’s, colleagues, and friends.” Sabina Kelly-Allen, JSF Event Lecturer “Jack didn’t care about what religion meant. Or what you thought of it. He cared about love for life and the natural world that he would spend so much time with appreciating.” Marilyn M. Hayes, JSF Event Lecturer “I think Jack tolerated me. As my teacher, he was not a portrait photographer. I was. I think he would see me, my work, and then comment on it as a helpful professional. He was very easy to be around.” Neil Miller, JSF Event Lecturer

Fall memories

I have gathered some nice memories and storied images from behind the scenes of the last several months of pre-planning for the official JSF launch!

New Marketing Materials & Website changes planned!

The current JSF website is going to be getting a facelift. We are switching to a better platform that is less glitchy. In the meantime, updates will be given on social media channels like the new foundation website, and by E-Mail. We are proud of our accomplishments thus far, and to celebrate JSF, we have printed some new marketing materials. One is a 16-page organizational booklet. The second marketing piece is a 6-page brochure that gives all the essential foundation points of info.
Shown L is the new 6-pg brochure. Shown R is the new 16-pg info booklet. I have been working with Sabina during the last 6 months (specifically) on organizing the content for these pieces. A fair and honorable challenge.
Currently, we are in the midst of planning our approaches. We still have some work to do in applying the most favorable conditions to the student financial awards programs. We want to approach various galleries, arts organizations, and local businesses for events, and for their donations to our organization. Specialized Art Exhibitions and auction events are also on our wish list. As the opening of the new printing lab unfolds, we will know how much our budget to accomplish the first awards is.

I <3 Local Arts Communities With All My <3

This is an exciting time in my life, in Sabina and her family’s lives, and the lives of all those who miss Jack Stuler’s kind and stylized influence, since his passing in 2015. Stay tuned for more narratives and news bulletins like this by checking in again here at once a week or so. This is one of many projects that I support and lend direct assistance to.  

FREE Sustaining Creativity Chart

I am an avid researcher and recorder of my own experiences and observations. When it comes to understanding and enabling my own positive home, business and creative experiences, I do what I can to stay upbeat, un-stuck, and enjoying every moment. One evening not too long ago, I was handwriting my thoughts on the topic of how I know to sustain radiant creativity. The word radiant — for example in relation to my own creativity — means that energy simply and purely exudes from me. And once I am radiating creativity, as any creative type might agree, I certainly want to keep it flowing!

There’s no certain method for capturing creativity.

Much of my own sustained creativity depends on inspiration. But, I notice that the other aspect of sustaining my creativity depends on how much energy I have for the process to occur. In my own research and life experiences, there are many ways to keep my energy up, while discovering avenues for inspiration. If you have ever felt “stuck” creatively, I invite you to download a FREE chart that will give you keyword and descriptive reminders of what you can do to sustain radiant creativity. I have created this chart with love and care, and hope that you can find wisdom in reviewing what’s shown!

My FREE Chart Download Offer

Click on the image below “Sun Chart For Sustaining Radiant Creativity” and save the file to your own device or computer. Thank You for your interest!

April 12 Jack Stuler Foundation Inaugural Event

Once upon a time in 2016,

I used to live in the Coronado Neighborhood in Central Phoenix. It was an overall uplifting experience, especially because I was located “close enough” to all of my favorite Art events, restaurants, and local Arts culture. When I approached him last June, I did not know that some of the coolest Art I’ve ever seen would be so close by all along! The reality is that I met Jack as a stranger who owned the houses next door. I was walking past his house for the 100th time — likely on my way to The Coronado Phx cafe — admiring the houses. They were both historic homes which were joined on a single lot by a front gate and a back yard.

I introduced myself,

and he said his name was Jack. No, this is not Sabina’s father Jack Stuler, who this article is about. But this was a different Jack, who was Sabina’s husband. I met Sabina soon after meeting Jack. The day I met him he mentioned her name. He said I should say hi if I saw her outside, so I did one time. All the Jack Stuler Artworks — at that time — was being held at their houses, right there next door to my old apartment. I think I was attracted to the love exuding from these two people and their historic homes. One of their homes is a well-rated airbnb listed property with a restored interior. They live in the other home next door. At that moment in time that we met, I was about to move out of AZ to travel for work.

FACTS about Jack Stuler

  • Award winning even as a snot nosed brat 😉
  • All the Jack Stuler photographs are show pieces that are phenomenal and strange and beautiful to consider
  • He was a BIIIIIIIIIG protector of Nature, and photographic admirer of her beauty
  • A father who took his family out into the wilderness when he worked taking photos
  • 35-year service as a professor at the state university, ASU
  • The first recipient of ASU’s MFA in Photography degree
  • He was the one who started the university’s student artist gallery, with the help of students who desperately needed the space
  • A funny person, who loved women, cool clothes, and was adored by his friends, students, colleagues, and Art fans
  • More and more and more

After a conversation or three with Sabina,

we worked out a deal, so that we could work together without exchanging money. Soon after, I learned that Sabina’s father was famous. She didn’t tell me like that, other people that knew him told me, as I contacted them, and started going through all of Jack Stuler’s records. Famous, but instead Jack Stuler — Sabina’s father — didn’t give two sh*ts about being famous. Yes, even though he won all sorts of local, regional, and national awards. Yes, even though he hung out with all his friends, who like him, were THE mid-century black and white photographers. You know all of their names, including Ansel Adams (who was old enough to be Jack Stuler’s uncle).

There is only one way

for me to describe Sabina’s desire to immortalize her father: PERFECT. I don’t use the word perfect often, when being serious. Most things and experiences have flaws. Except for some reason, all of the success that Sabina has had since last June in organizing a non-profit organization in her father’s name, has felt perfect to be around. What’s more, is that she and I truly enjoy working together. We are seeing big progress be made, as we support and dare each other to be more and more effective, creative, and in joy. Portrait of Jack Stuler

Shown: Jack Stuler (left) as a young man and (right) as an aged gentleman. All Rights Reserved. (c) 2017 Jack Stuler Foundation and

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