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When Authors Go Rogue

About Three Cups Of Tea

In mid-March of this year (2017), I was recovering from jaw surgery. In the days before the surgery, I was shopping for comfort and convenience items. I was expecting the worst, and so was purchasing items that might make life more bearable. Namely, some new books. 🙂 One book was called Three Cups Of Tea, and the other title I had purchased was Autobiography Of A Yogi. From the moment I cracked the cover of Three Cups Of Tea, I was enamored. The book was about the journey of a man named Greg Mortenson. The first reason I loved the book was deep; the protagonist (Greg) was recounting his being forever caught in the fate of purveying cross-cultural acts of humanity. I swear that I was crying every other chapter. This book title was one of two that I purchased specifically to take my mind off of myself and my own predicament during my jaw surgery recovery. The writing style bringing me to tears seemed almost magical. And four weeks later, I finished the book so inspired, that I decided to look up the authors and learn more about them.

Bad Boys

As of now, it has been 30-days since I finished Three Cups Of Tea, a book billed as non-fiction. TOTAL Bummer! In my research and attempts to learn more — to get inside the head of such a brilliant writer — I learned some facts that disturbed me to-the-max. First, I found out that the book’s co-author, David Oliver Relin, had committed suicide. Two clicks later, I learn it’s because of all the sh*t he received, after it was revealed that MANY details of the book were completely fabricated. BUT, all those sweet tears I shed! Sheesh… what bad boys. The last 30-days since finishing the book have been strange, as I ponder the shared reality which makes writers and people who are writing, dishonest with each other. I guess everyone wants to tell a tale of wonderment. But still, curious if YOU have ever felt as cheated or disappointed as I did, with these authors?


YES. The authors had worked together and lied — by exaggerating details to make the book sale and gain publicity. This is not actually the first time I’ve read a “non-fiction” book that was later publicly discredited. But, for the sake of the subject matter of this book, which was centered around building schools for poor girls, this cheating on details was heartbreaking for me to consider. Granted, as an author judging another author, it is 1,000% still amazing how Relin wrote me into a frenzy. His genius was obvious! Perhaps, had he stayed alive to move on and adapt for a screenplay, I would still have watched a movie version of the printed story. However the genius may have affected me, I’ve learned (once, again) that I prefer my non-fiction writers to be in their higher levels of integrity.  

The Busiest Hustler

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Hi there, it has been a little bit since I posted. If you are reading this, then congratulations. 🙂 If there was a time to check-in on what I’m up to, then this would be it! As we are in our last official month of Spring, my opinions of how business went this past season, are strong. There were some major letdowns, some missed connections, and some budget gaps. There are some incredibly courageous entrepreneurs out there, and I’m working with some of the top best! Mostly, everyone I’m working with has been hustling since before “the election.” I can see that everyone is doing their best, which is promising in my mind!

News Flashes

My “Pin and Eye” photographic exhibit at Children’s Museum of Phoenix will be opening at the beginning of Summer 2017. This is my first-ever (inaugural) Art show. 6 photographs will be shown inside the museum, in the “Pit Stop” area. The name of my show is: Who are “Pin and Eye?” The show will last at least 3-months.


A replica of “Pin and Eye” — housed in a clear plexiglass diorama — has been requested by the museum. They are putting this “Pin and Eye” diorama display right on their front Admission Desk! Down low… so the little kids can gawk at it. I am thrilled that “Pin and Eye” are getting the spotlight! There are two other BIG announcements that I can make… but I’ll cool off on the “Pin and Eye” photo exhibition news for now. Check back soon!
CLICK HERE to Like the “Pin and Eye” FB page @pinandeyeforever. I’ll keep improving it as I inch towards the Summertime launch. I am in full production mode now!

Co-Authoring Announcement

I have joyfully completed my work on the First Edition of a new reference book. I am listed as a co-author on the “Modern Superfood Nutrients” e-book, alongside Clinical Herbalists Yarrow Willard, and Angela Willard. They are my clients, and this is one of several projects for their business, Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary, that I have joined in on. Beginning this Sunday on FB LIVE, Yarrow will be broadcasting the launch of this book… which has taken us four months (a team of 5) to complete. We are all so happy for ourselves, and proud to give this vital reference book away for FREE to our online communities.
CLICK HERE to get with the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary FB Page.

New Clients & Services

I’d like to publicly welcome a new client, They are planning some changes to their online business that I will help to refine and coordinate. I’m happy to say that we have already blasted-off for our first 5-hour package together. I can talk more about this soon. But, my first deliverable to them are my detailed recommendations for next steps, and then begin to do the tasks.
I’m changed my Pricing Matrix, and want YOU to be the first to know about it. Soon, I will be scaling my agency to provide new media agency services to global online non profit education and holistic brand marketing clients. (If this sounds fancy and complicated, that’s because it is.) I’m going to be charging more for my time, and hire an outside team to manage, so that I can offer more of my expertise to bigger and bigger clients.
My Service Packages are still VERY affordable, when compared to entrepreneurs that are stationary. My traveling expenses are less than the living expenses of other comparable-quality consultants and agencies. But, they have to charge more than I do, because they have much more overhead. It is my pleasure to offer competitive rates for kind, professional, and expert services.

Web & Schedule Changes

My new website upgrades will be happening gradually. A new template has been put into place, which offers more versatility and promotional abilities. The end-game is to have a new shop up and running this summer. I am going to produce an e-book catalogue with live links, and will post it when finished of course. This e-book will help promote the various products that I own. The new shop will be linked to the e-book.
Currently, you can see my full products and inventions catalogue at:

Here’s What I’m Up To Lately (Image Gallery):

Broken Jaw Healing FREE document <————CLICK ON THE LINK to see a list of almost all of the holistic treatments and therapies I “did” — and am still doing — to continue healing my #brokenjaw   I am serious about healing, and have managed to get 2 weeks ahead of jaw healing averages. #dedicationtoself #dedicationtomybody #love  If I have been in pain at all, it has taught me that we might all be better for sharing our personal information about healing. This helpful document is my gift to anyone that wants to heal. The list is now dated… I’ve had several more treatments. But, this is the majority of the first phases of healing from #jawsurgery   And, I’m saving you thousands of dollars by giving you this information… #trustmeIknow. A sincere thank you for your interest. Pass it on!

View From My Eyes

This is the view from one of the doctor’s offices that I visited during my jaw surgery and jaw wired shut journey. I always appreciated seeing green and “nature” from these sorts of office windows. #natureheals

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