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Broken Jaw Healing FREE document <————CLICK ON THE LINK to see a list of almost all of the holistic treatments and therapies I “did” — and am still doing — to continue healing my #brokenjaw   I am serious about healing, and have managed to get 2 weeks ahead of jaw healing averages. #dedicationtoself #dedicationtomybody #love  If I have been in pain at all, it has taught me that we might all be better for sharing our personal information about healing. This helpful document is my gift to anyone that wants to heal. The list is now dated… I’ve had several more treatments. But, this is the majority of the first phases of healing from #jawsurgery   And, I’m saving you thousands of dollars by giving you this information… #trustmeIknow. A sincere thank you for your interest. Pass it on!

View From My Eyes

This is the view from one of the doctor’s offices that I visited during my jaw surgery and jaw wired shut journey. I always appreciated seeing green and “nature” from these sorts of office windows. #natureheals

My New Book Title & Cover Design


If you want to read…

what’s shown under the cover images, you’ll have a sense of what this post is about. I am announcing that there has been both a title name change and a cover design change for my long-standing literary project. This project has been a passion of mine, and one of the biggest professional challenges to date for me to complete “on a budget.”

Some Context

2+ years ago, Lars Gustafsson, who is one of my friendly mentors, changed my life. He offered me a challenge, disguised as an opportunity. I took the bait, and before I knew it, I was neck-deep in expanded planning. I was offered a chance to be a faculty member at BodyMind Institute. I said yes, and I was to create an e-course based upon the proposal that I had given Lars. Yeah, 2 years ago!

Have you ever taught a class?

I have, and what I’ve ended up writing with The First 5 Project Planning Lessons book (being released soon), I have gone from one spectrum to the other, in what it is that I am all about. I’ve never written my very own book, based on my very own inner knowledge and experience. I am often a researcher, able to learn quickly from others, and then distribute that information to people that want to learn. Or, I am an artist that is expressive in Haiku. However you slice that writing pie, I have turned an e-course into a book.

Why did it take 2 years?

Although, I first intended an e-course, with videos and worksheets, I did not find understanding there. In hindsight of the past 2 years, I know now that I needed to first nail-down what it is that I know. The very, very first concept I pitched to Lars  — before we settled on another version of it — was based off of content that had come from one of my voice recorded lectures. The second version was like a prequel to the first idea. I needed to back-up and explain more information before assuming that people would understand me. And it needed to be more brief as an initial offering.

The Final Product

The new cover design of my upcoming book release entitled The First 5 Project Planning Lessons is the most essential way I can express what it is I have written. I will be able to release more details, after Lars has a look at this book. My desire is to offer this book online for free to students and registered online members at website. My desire is to also sell printed copies of this book online, for those that desire a workbook-type feel.

My next steps are easier for me than writing a book.

There is still some coordination work to be done. I am barely finished with the final-final edit. Now, I am printing off a copy of the book to ensure quality. And of course moving on there is always going to be ad/marketing content to create (which is easier for me than writing training content). Cart-after-horse, I still need to get a yes from Lars in the first place. I’m realistic as a marketer. So, if Lars is unable to carry the title at BodyMind Institute, then I will begin on my next phase, and make the next phase the keystone of my plan. What is that? I see that I can always give the title away to clients and students of all the professionals that I know. That would be fun for me to do, too. After all of this is finished, then I will turn my focus onto creating an audio/video podcast accelerated version of the training information that is in my upcoming book.

There are more lessons?!

Yes. This book project is the first leg of what will be at least 20 “chapters” — or lessons as I am often calling them. They will not be free after this first launched version. Why do I think that I am ready to teach on leadership and project coordination? I have been in service as a sidekick, technician, and advisor to executives, CEOs, and Fortune 500 companies since 2000. I have been working in the marketing and entertainment realms as a business owner for 17 years this June. I’m ready to get what I know how to-do, out into the world. Giving the book away for free to students and clients makes sense to me, because in order for one to know that they love to make progress, they need mentorship and training on how-to accomplish that. Learning how-to be smarter as a leader and project coordinator is a common sense skillset to have. More than ever now in this modern day, I see that life both alone and together is complex. But, the information I am presenting will always be as simplified and personable as possible. Ages 12 to adult can use this information, which will last a lifetime, and is measurable in value.

What will you get out of this book, if you were to read it?

Look for more details coming soon. In the meantime, here are some treats. CLICK HERE to see all the other pros at BodyMind Institute. CLICK HERE to see Lars’ own famous free webinar e-course. And thank you kindly for reading! 

FREE Sustaining Creativity Chart

I am an avid researcher and recorder of my own experiences and observations. When it comes to understanding and enabling my own positive home, business and creative experiences, I do what I can to stay upbeat, un-stuck, and enjoying every moment. One evening not too long ago, I was handwriting my thoughts on the topic of how I know to sustain radiant creativity. The word radiant — for example in relation to my own creativity — means that energy simply and purely exudes from me. And once I am radiating creativity, as any creative type might agree, I certainly want to keep it flowing!

There’s no certain method for capturing creativity.

Much of my own sustained creativity depends on inspiration. But, I notice that the other aspect of sustaining my creativity depends on how much energy I have for the process to occur. In my own research and life experiences, there are many ways to keep my energy up, while discovering avenues for inspiration. If you have ever felt “stuck” creatively, I invite you to download a FREE chart that will give you keyword and descriptive reminders of what you can do to sustain radiant creativity. I have created this chart with love and care, and hope that you can find wisdom in reviewing what’s shown!

My FREE Chart Download Offer

Click on the image below “Sun Chart For Sustaining Radiant Creativity” and save the file to your own device or computer. Thank You for your interest!

4 Apr

New Album Released On 4/4

Happy April 4th! For me today, I will be taking a big fat marker and crossing off an item from my bucket list! As a hobbyist musician (albeit trained in some forms), I have enjoyed creating music for myself. And now, to celebrate my bucket list, I am releasing nine songs which I composed and produced. My first-ever self-published instrumental album is called “Meet Me There” and is now available! You can purchase a CD or digital version. You can even download a FREE track just for fun! See the album sales page for more information.

CLICK HERE to hear.

Order Now! My new music album is titled “Meet Me There” and features 9 original tracks of rhythmic instrumental music. You can buy a hard copy CD or download a digital version.

FREE Music Download

On my bucket list of life experiences that I want to have, is the item, “Release a music CD.” In the past several years, I have (secretly) created over 100 new songs, and certainly now I have enough music to publish. The result from my bucket list of desires, is a Springtime instrumental music album release that is titled, “Meet Me There.” This is my moment in time to come up above ground with my talents for composition, in a way that will fulfill my spirit. While I am excited for this album release experience, I do not necessarily need to experience any great success with what happens afterwards. Read More

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