The following are basic descriptions of our Professional Business Development Packages and Upgrades.

#1 Growth Package: Gauging And Activating Your Business Potential

  1. Includes research and report of your potential to-market success with best strategy suggestions
  2. Includes full report and analysis on report, also highlighting your core competencies
  3. Includes our team meeting with your Board of Directors and C-Suite Members for full presentation
  4. Includes training guidance and change initiation programs
  • Special One-Time Package Rate

#2A Development Package: 1-Year Contract Of Our Business Tactics

  1. Includes transitioning with or replacing your existing crew to include our crew
  2. Includes direct assistance with preparing for re/structuring
  3. Includes a one (1) year contract of our business tactics and beginning to initialize changes
  • Special One-Time Contract Rate
  • Best for companies that have third and fourth-quarter losses

#2B Development Package UPGRADE: International Business Guidance

  1. Includes ramping-up changes and maintaining momentum
  2. Includes research and report of your potential international to-market success with best strategy suggestions
  3. Includes training you regarding manufacturing costs, insurance, legalities, mandates, structure, analysis, security needs and more
  • Flat Rate + Hourly Rate + Weekly Rate

#3 International Marketing Package: Project Management Suite

  1. Includes implementation and ongoing team leadership
  2. Includes project management as agreed
  3. Includes product launch advocacy as agreed
  • Special One-Time Contract Rate
  • May Include Flat Rate, Hourly Rate, And Weekly Rate Projects As Agreed
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