Professional Business Development Packages and Upgrades

“I am most often asked if I take clients. Yes, I do. I give consultation, assign a manager, and work with the team to ensure communications and timelines are met. Inside of my consultation and project services, I have created basic descriptions based on the most common scenarios and clients that come through my agency. Listed below are several Professional Business Development Packages with Upgrades available. I have organized the packages for context, but if you want a custom package we can discuss that, too. Thank You for your interest.” ~Alisha Forrester Scott

#1 New Growth Package: Gauging And Activating Your Business Potential

  1. Includes research and report of your potential go-to-market likelihood of success with best strategy suggestions
  2. Includes full report and analysis on report, also highlighting your company’s core competencies
  3. Includes a team meetingĀ for full presentation; our team with your Board of Directors and C-Suite Members, or other Coordinators/Managers
  4. Includes process training guidance and support with instituting program change initiation programs
  • Special One-Time Package Rate

#2A Development Package: 1-Year Contract Of Business Tactics

  1. Includes transitioning with or replacing your existing crew to include a hand-picked crew
  2. Includes direct assistance with preparing for re/structuring
  3. Includes a one (1) year contract of business tactics and support
  4. Includes initializing of any organization or brand marketing changes
  • Special One-Time Contract Rate
  • Best for companies that have third and fourth-quarter losses

#2B Development Package UPGRADE: International Business Guide

  1. Includes meeting people who can make the difference in your timelines
  2. Includes communications and ramping-up any new project operations with a goal to maintain momentum
  3. Includes timely research in a professional report of your company’s potential international to-market success
  4. Includes best processes and strategies with integration of team training
  5. Includes video reports for your staff to watch, regarding manufacturing costs, insurance, legalities, mandates, structure, analysis, security needs and more
  • Flat Rate + Hourly Rate + Weekly Rate
  • Affiliation, Partnership or Association is not assumed.

#3 International Marketing Package: Project Management Suite

  1. Includes implementation and ongoing team leadership
  2. Includes project management as agreed
  3. Includes product launch advocacy as agreed
  • Special One-Time Contract Rate
  • May Include Flat Rate, Hourly Rate, And Weekly Rate Projects As Agreed
  • Partnership or Association is assumed.
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