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It’s mid-November, and my goal was to get my new book published by the time Fall ends. There are a few updates that I’d like to share… all good! I was able to successfully complete the final edit of the manuscript. I originally had plans to release the information online and in-print. This is still my plan. And recently, I received an offer to potentially include (and possibly adapt) the training materials from my book, into a program for girls in Afghanistan. The offer comes from a Nobel Prize Nominee, whose book I read earlier this year. After I connected with him on Facebook, we had an opportunity to discuss the potential offer. I have since provided this person with a .pdf review copy of the manuscript, including a succinct book information guide (in case he was short on time to read the 55-page manuscript). I’m also upgrading one of the handout downloads offered inside of the book… it is looking epic so far!
This book has taken me two years to complete, refine, review, and edit. The work is dedicated to my daughter, her friends, and their families. As this is a first book in a series, I am certainly thankful to those who have contributed by providing feedback when I asked. Lastly I’d like to share that, if I were to pass on from this life, I am already pleased to have passed-on my wisdom in this format. Thank you for reading. More details will be provided as they happen.

Dec 1 2017 Update: I have produced a review copy of the manuscript. This copy is for my friend who says he may be able to have the material translated into Spanish language through someone in his network.

NEW Book Coming Fall 2017

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