Blue Sky Oils and the makers of Foojin (TM)

Our Comfort Clip Pack product launches in early 2018! I have been handing out the very first samples of Comfort Clip Pack from TAP Med Pro. This project is developing in conjunction with the makers of the Foojin (TM) wearable Essential Oil diffuser, and with the brilliant formulations of Penny Stadick at Blue Sky Oils. What’s fun is that all of the partners in this deal are living in Arizona. Today, a portion of our team met to discuss packaging, marketing, and staffing. There is a growing list of to-dos, which is what we live for! Our dream is bridge the Cannabis industry by using Hemp essential oil to bring safe and legal plant therapies to the forefront of dispensaries, offices, hospitals, and more. It has 0% THC. 0% CBD. Thank you truly to everyone on our team making this happen! I’m thrilled that my idea was met with a collective YES, and that you had all been thinking the same thing! I will release more specific information once our Operating agreements and preparations are further in-process. Thank you for reading!

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