So, I’ve been working on my personal “dream business” planning projects for 6 full years. I am obsessed with saving and restoring bees and the food supply chain. (Why do I feel like I’m confessing something?) 🙂 I am an avid networker, and I enjoy meeting people that are on the same frequency as me. There are some extraordinary people doing some extraordinary projects, most of which are humanitarian and altruistic. It’s beautiful to feel safe in the hands of the business communities where I spend a lot of time.
Lately, daily, hourly even sometimes, unstoppable good news is heading my way. Here’s some proof. <3
  • I’ve been invited to submit an RFP to UEXL Institute, to handle their SEO and their client SEO monthly contracts. I’ve been preparing to be organized to make this deal happen, literally since 2013. This is the starting point of something very good for me, and you, too. (Since, my business’ work is humanitarian and altruistic, too.)
  • This news comes during the same meeting where my work submission for UEXL’s new “pitch deck” webinar was accepted. The concepts I prepared for this pitch deck involved over 11-hours of research, planning, and collaboration. I’ve handed of the presentation to gain UEXL’s comments on a few items. Next, I will pitch this project to our new design collaborator, Sandy, and see what she wants to do with it. Other project pitches are coming Sandy’s way soon, too. 😉 (<— I wonder if she’ll see this.)
  • I’ve completed the audio podcast recordings for my upcoming E-Course release “The First 5 Project Planning Lessons.” This course is 5 chapters long, and comes with both manual and interactive exercises, discussions, reviews, quizzes, and more. Learn quickly how-to become the leader it takes to make positive changes, and learn the fast lane tricks to acing your project coordination responsibilities.
  • This E-Course will be my first ever audio podcast E-Course release, and I am grateful to be creating this education and training content (with handouts and resources!) exclusively at UEXL Institute. I’ve accepted the role of faculty member, and will begin to design courses to release there. More information coming soon!
  • Jesse Lopez of Imperial Hemp Co. and I have signed a mutual partnership and responsibilities agreement. We are officially joint venture partnering on several crazy-massive-yet-fun business trade and agriculture education projects. More details will be released as we make headway into our continued planning process.
  • Soon, I may get to release the name of a local Arizona film partnership that has offered me a $4-6K video package, at no cost to me. The exchange would be that the film they produce and help direct, and edit, will be an addition to the portfolio of the new camera crew partnership. This crew is in the midst of ordering the latest camera technology, and this start-up will soon be exploring the equipment and training for what comes next. The ball is in my court, and I’m to gather a list of ideas for short creative pieces that they could explore. This is PERFECT timing, and this gift will bring such help to our marketing efforts! I wish to reveal the name of this mysterious production company soon!
  • I’m bringing on a research and tasking assistant from the Philippines by the end of September. This will be an excellent reunion, as I met this assistant back in 2013, under different a business configuration. She is sweet as can be, and reached out to me again recently. Her employment situation has improved, and she is a free agent. Her independence brought her back around, when she contacted me again through Skype. There are ALWAYS several researching and communications tasks, and new skills to help her build. She doesn’t know it yet, but I will be offering her a raise just 30-days after we get started, supposing that she wants to stay to help.
  • One of my mentors is introducing my/our BNN Bees News Network project, to a famous director and screen writer. I’ve been working already on getting my BNN “Pitch Deck” together. And now, I have a project to inspire me to expand the BNN Business Plan. For anyone that has ever written and researched and compiled data for a business plan, it is an admirable task. 😉 There LOTS of brainpower required to find brilliance and style in otherwise monotonous data. I’ve been enjoying the task of preparing several other “pitch decks” (Press Kits), too.
  • That same mentor has connected me to a famous female entrepreneur. I’ll announce her name in the next couple of weeks. We have a lot in common, which we agreed on. Our desire to be involved in starting conversations and making introductions, will be interesting to explore. I do not have any preconceived notions for this, or for any other introduction that is made. But, I do enjoy learning about other peoples’ careers. And meeting this person will be an excellent way for me to focus on their dreams, which matter to me, too!
  • Okay two personal announcements: My daughter is a University Junior this year. She is doing her thing, and kicking major butt. She’s gained a VP of Project Management role for Asian Business Club (she is half Asian), and she has gained a Senatorship for her college!! I’m filled with joy watching her own it. Even if she didn’t own it, I’d still love her, though. (Of course!) But wow! She’s definitely on a roll!
  • In regards to my #jawjourney (I broke my jaw in March), I do NOT have to have another surgery, it seems. The alternative is perhaps just as painful, but for longer than surgery might be. BUT, the long-term prognosis for my health will be as well as possible… that’s my goal. I’m posting this update here for convenience of social media posting/linking.
There’s more and more and more, and just all the time now it seems I am inspired more and more to keep going. My BNN project, TAP agency operations, my JV partnerships through UEXL Institute, my upcoming publishing launches, and an array of personal Art projects, including being mentored by experts in hacking of processes and marketing messages… IS MY LIVING DREAM COME TRUE. Thank You for reading, and if “we’re involved” together on anything that makes my life more fulfilling, enjoyable, and fun, I appreciate YOU.

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