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Our Service Specialties:
  • All-things conceptualization and design
  • Creative projects planning and management
  • Advertising and traditional marketing
  • Social media / brand marketing integration
  • Website creation and specialty coding
  • General communications, publicity, and consumer affairs
  • On-site and remote production, meetings, presentations, training, and general work flow
  • Special business workshop experiences, referrals, and networking
Our Collective Team Includes:
  • Producers
  • Visionaries
  • Technicians
  • Professionals
  • Creators

Are you a personal brand or small business owner?

You are invited (at no obligation) to fill out the “Hello!” form below, and receive a FREE 15-30 minutes personalized assessment meeting with Alisha Forrester Scott. She’s the “original” team member, and now runs the team of experts at tAp agency.

Are you a very small business owner?

YAY! We are AVID SUPPORTERS of small business owners/operators! As a business coach, Alisha and Jesse are able to give you ANY advice you need, on nearly EVERY ASPECT of your personal and professional business needs. With over 35 years combined of real-world online and offline sales and marketing experience… If you ever wished for a kind of “nice big sibling” approach to getting your business organized and branded in a personal way, then WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE. Get started today with your free assessment meeting!

About Your Appointment

If we happen to be in the same place at the same time, Alisha is happy to schedule an in-person appointment! Your remote sessions with Alisha (while she’s working from the road) are video chat sessions. She uses google hangouts and Skype the most. Being “face to face” during your session REALLY HELPS the dynamic to flow. But, you’re only available by telephone, then she will STILL GIVE YOU THE BEST help that you’ve been missing or needing!

FREE GIFT Even Without An Appointment

We are happy you’re here, and want to be of help to you! Everyone gets stuck, creatively. We certainly do! What should you do when you get stuck? To answer that question, Alisha has created a special poster. Visit Alisha’s Shop and download the FREE Sustaining Creativity Chart… Alisha’s gift to you. Thanks for visiting!

“What If I Can’t Afford You?”

“I’ve been there. For the value that I jam-pack into your sessions, I have yet to receive negative feedback that my services are undervalued or overpriced. In fact, my clients and teammates would tell you the opposite. And if you cannot afford your first session right now, that’s cool too! I’ll be here when you’re ready, and in the meantime you can surf my website and social media pages to get FREE advice and tools that you can use no matter what your budget! I care about your well being and business functionality, so I’ve created an online presence to help. Thank You for your interest!” ~Alisha Forrester Scott, CEO/Agent at tAp agency

Pricing Matrix (personal brand & small businesses only)

Your first assessment meeting is FREE! Pricing Matrix with service rates can be found here. Our small business and personal brand coaching sessions are much like entering a nurse’s office. You come to Alisha for an initial consultation, and she will look over your situation. She and her team make suggestions, and give you the next steps. Unlike a nurse however, we can guaranteed you will leave feeling better. 🙂 Please take a chance on getting the advice and help you need, to get your business to the next level of functional and popular!


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“My experience in both small business and Fortune 500 corporate environments, will certainly be helpful to you. My clients like the “assisting” approach that I take. The feedback I receive is overwhelmingly positive, and I have many clients standing as proof that my coaching advice is the correct advice. Fill-out the intake form above, and let’s get started with your FREE 15-30 minute meeting.” ~Alisha Forrester Scott