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CLICK HERE for a longer bio brief as guest edited by Anita Narayan of Breaking Free Unlimited. Alisha Forrester Scott — also known as Alisha Bee, since 2011 is an advocate for protecting bees. She has written about the “Beeconomy” and calls her lifework goals “Bees Work.” Alisha is Secretary of the newly formed Nevada Blockchain Association. She is the co-author of a new book on “The Future of Blockchain Technology” with David Kam. Alisha is also the co-host of a new upcoming TV show on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. She is a dedicated team member on several teams working to accomplish the proliferation of wild pollinators and fund the expansion of the local organic food supply chain utilizing the Blockchain. Alisha is most recently the author of a new book, The First 5 Project Planning Lessons. In 2017, Alisha professionally co-authored Modern Superfood Nutrients with Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary. You will notice Alisha’s name associated with the Arizona magazine Green Living; the instrumental music album Meet Me There, and the photographic Art exhibition, “Who are Pin and Eye?” which in Summer-Fall 2017, debuted inside of Children’s Museum of Phoenix. As Founder and Manager at TAP Med Pro LLC, Alisha provides a private products catalogue for the patients of natural doctors and health and wellness professionals.

My Bees Work

My Commitment To Improving Life Drives My Passion For Bees. Over the years working in publicity, press, marketing and advertising, I have had opportunities to address topics about agricultural challenges and social issues being faced. Including, the decline of bees. Bees pollinate our food supply chain and they give us honey which is medicine to our bodies. I respect how long they have been on the planet (70-100 million years). I take my pollinator educating and protecting as a sacred work. I am happy to consider myself a Publicist for the Bees. My “Bees Work” is completed with the same love and focus as I do with my professional careers. I am down to collaborative creatively with people who can relate, so reach out if you want to get involved with saving bees. CLICK HERE to read my print magazine feature writing at Green Living magazine (AZ), which includes two bee-related articles.

What is happening with the bees? (CLICK)

NEWS: A new Zeta Global Radio episode about bees airs this Saturday, April 14. Check back for link to broadcast. Thank you for your interest and for reading. #nobeesnofood #bees #are #foodangels #banchems #stopusingchems #organicfarmingnow #stopbuyingcheapfood #honeybees #extinction #switch #to #solitarybees #nativebees #pollinators #pollination #alishabee