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Advisor, Director, Producer, Writer, Assistant, Designer

Alisha Forrester Scott, from Arizona, is a productive creative professional who has consulted on projects in 15 industries. Her motto is: “Together, We Will Thrive!” She currently specializes in refining consumer experience programs and designing grass roots marketing efforts. She is most often found in North America. Alisha’s creative work and community passions have been featured and presented in live workshops, radio, television, magazine, newspapers, and blogs. As a career business marketer and sales and marketing advisor, she consults CEOs and executive teams. As a published commercial writer and creative projects consultant, Alisha enjoys leading an artistic lifestyle. Alisha is currently working towards publishing multiple self-help titles, and is an Artist and Musician.

My Bees Work

Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott

My Commitment To Improving Life Is Documented And Proven

Over the years working in marketing and advertising, I have had opportunities to publicly address some of the agricultural challenges and social issues we are facing, including the decline of food pollinating bees. I take my pollinator educating and protecting as a sacred work, and will continue to complete it with the same love and focus as I do with my professional careers, whenever I am able.
CLICK HERE to read my print magazine feature writing at Green Living magazine (AZ), which includes two bee-related articles.
This bee-friendly interview show I guested on with hostess Lainie Sevante Wulkan is online at the Zeta Global Radio SoundCloud page and at their website archive.

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