Coming Fall 2017

New from “Alisha Bee” Forrester Scott, for maturing teenage and adults… if you have a desire to improve your world, or the world around you, then Alisha Bee’s new book will help to guide you. Material in this training course was developed specifically to help you become a better quality project leader, through practical leadership instruction and do-it-yourself exercise worksheets. The information contained in each lesson can help advance your efforts in community-oriented projects, or be used to manage details of your personal life. From organizing and prioritizing details, to cultivating a sense of well-being throughout your project timeline, this book will help to accelerate your understanding and overall progress.

Gain new insights

This material was written by professional trainer, Alisha Forrester Scott. This introductory book includes five (5) introductory chapters, equaling over 50 pages of lessons and valuable leadership content. This book includes an array of original enrichment training materials. You will find Section main points, audio chapter Lessons, Chapter-specific printable exercise worksheets and handouts, end of Lesson Reviews, and Key Leadership Terms & Definitions. For your convenience and accelerated learning, an audio and video podcast e-course is being produced. 

Training Book Objective

“To Support Community Improvement Through Your Continuing Personal Leadership Development.”

For 17-years, I have been helping small business owners, community organizations, and families to accomplish big project goals. I want to help you learn to take care of a project that you want to do. This new book will be FREE or by donation. More information is being released soon. The timing for release is Fall 2017.


Intended Audience

While intended for adults, this is a semi-technical training book is suitable for ages 13 and up. 


Included in future versions

As the e-course and audio podcast versions are released, this introductory training material comes with printed exercise lessons.


What can you learn?

You will learn about the topics of how-to become an effective project coordinator, a better project manager, and a smarter leader.


No experience necessary

This introductory training book does not require that you have any prerequisite knowledge or experience.

Build Skills Quickly!

By the end of the 5-Chapter book, you will be able to:

  •   gain clarity as you define your project vision
  •   more easily coordinate project details
  •   tune-in to your leadership voice
  •   learn to critically evaluate tasks, obstacles
  •   gain systematic project understanding
  •   become a more effective project coordinator
  •   make big strides by identifying better choices
  •   determine your influences and inspirations
  •   expand your communication abilities
  •   prioritize your project tracking information
  •   integrate process and production skills

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